The other day two friends came over and they were both wearing LINE FRIENDS t-shirts. Ah, the days when Jon and I were a couple that wore matching clothes! Now we consider it a lucky coincidence when we are both wearing a clean shirt. But in any case, it reminded me of the blog post I’d been meaning to write on Sailor’s LINE FRIENDS pens. 

Everyone thought I would get the Brown, because it’s Brown and also it’s brown, but I decided to get the Sally, and actually it’s such a cheerful colour that I’ve been inking it up more often than I thought I would. Over the last several years I’ve been moving towards the full-size Pro Gear or 1911L over the smaller Pro Gear Slim or the 1911S, but this Pro Gear Slim has been so enjoyable to have tucked into my pen and wallet case for on the go. No yellow inks in it yet, mostly just fun, bright colours.

And the nib! Being both a delight and a Sailor nib. What more could you ask for in this world? Sometimes you just need a little secret joy to carry around with you in your bag to get through the kids’ music lessons or the one-hour wait in the doctor’s office.


Life continues on these days, in lovely and chaotic ways. Baby Junia, 9 months old, opened the baby gate that Jon installed. She was at the gate, having pulled herself up to standing, and we were all sitting in the kitchen, watching and waiting to see what she would do, and she was standing there, fiddling around with the latch, testing and lifting and pulling and all of a sudden she was this tiny human with a brain instead of the usual pet/blob we’ve been accustomed to thinking of her as. “Woo-hoo!” Caleb said. “Ef,” Jon said.

Here is a picture of her waking up from a car nap, along with her doppelgänger friend. With this one, our third, we’ve reached the stage where she is on no nap schedule at all, but she falls asleep whenever the mood strikes, and we are then all held hostage until she wakes up, the four humans walking around the car, tromping in the snow, shading our eyes as we look in through the window to see when she’s finally going to arouse herself to join her family.

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March 06, 2023 — Liz Chan

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