We have welcomed the Pentel Energel family to the shop! What fun!


I have been waiting for these pens for ages, Jon having required some encouragement to get going on this somewhat fastidious and haphazardly organized order of many skus given to him by his life and business partner, and then having required some additional encouragement and some weeks to open and count and sort these many skus, once they landed in the warehouse. Six glorious boxes inside of which were many more smaller boxes, and also several dozen eraser caps in a plastic container ill-equipped to make the journey from the Pentel warehouse to our shop, having burst open and slipped through various folds in the shipping box, little lemmings longing for freedom.


But that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is that my to-do lists are now going to be colour-coordinated. That may be overstating it: perhaps more accurately, they’re going to be colourful. I suppose if I’m going to have an impossibly and unpleasantly long to-do list, it might as well be.


Let’s be reasonable, says Jon, as I take one of every colour. What are you going to do with all of these gel pens, he says, as I line them all up in a rainbow. Who are you, Naomi? He asks. Where do you think she gets it from? I say, as I snap my photos.



It is back to school for this mama, who is not going back to school, but is enjoying having a fresh set of matching pens. There is not much else to say about a very smooth gel pen that comes in a variety of colours in and a pleasant grippy grip section, and is retractable. A sepia and a brown? There is nothing more to add.


From my rainbow cup Naomi has taken the pink one (standard pink, not the coral or fuschia), and I have taken a small selection of fall colours to celebrate upcoming pumpkins and spookiness and crisp breezes in the laundry on the line.





In any case, please also enjoy this photo from the shop of our stray cat Tuna. We continue the long slog of renovations above and in the Studio Shop, seemingly endless, although the phrase “the end is in sight” has been cavalierly bandied about. Tuna, being an indoor cat and also being surprisingly wily and disruptive to our contractors, has had occasion to come with us into the shop, and, most recently, during the glorious arrival of the Energels.


It was no doubt the presence and support of his loving family that pushed Jon forward through the enormous mental task of unpacking these Pentels—perhaps more literally, though, it was indeed my presence and immediate and dramatic and vehement supplication that finally broke him. I am click clicking my Energels in gratitude.


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September 23, 2022 — Liz Chan


Linda Oliphant

Linda Oliphant said:

I have always loved Energels – and when they added the new colors my love tripled! I wish you could buy a set of just the new colors – how wonderful they are!


Rosemary said:

That picture of Tuna needs to be a postcard.

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