Life continues on its disaster mode, as evidenced by Caleb supervising baby while eating pork rinds out of a small pot while reading an overdue library book while his cello remains open, unpracticed, exposed, likely untuned, and in prime position for someone to knock over beside him, along with various laundry items. In this family, anyone who is sitting still somehow ends up with a baby in their lap.


Caleb recently lost his second library card, so he’s been using mine in the meantime. You can only borrow 50 items at a time, and my card is constantly maxed out. At the library, Caleb and I stand at the holds shelf, negotiating which holds we can pick up based on how much room I’ve got left on our single card. I’ve been scrounging up any loose library books I can find on the floor, under dressers, on various beds, and stacking them on the counter to return, only to find, several hours later, the stack depleted.


In any case, Junia is receiving an early education in lasagna and stuffed tigers and Pokémon, so what can I say.







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August 29, 2022 — Liz Chan



Anu said:

What wonderful photos! Admirable big brother : )


nerr said:

These pictures of big bro, baby, books and sometimes cats are just tooo precious. 50 books per a library card? That is amazing (I don’t think we are even beyond 10 here)

Joanne M.

Joanne M. said:

Adorable! 🥹

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