I cannot tell you how many of life’s problems can be calmly contemplated while extruding a controlled strip of washi tape. Maybe not solved, but at least pondered.


This is a tape cutter. It’s available in black and white. You pull on the top button and a small strip comes out. There are teeth on the mouth of it (haha) and you can tear the tape off cleanly. The whole operation is incredibly satisfying. A perfect rectangle of tape! Various perfect rectangles! Things in life that you can control! Amazing.



Some time ago I got a free sample of this tape cutter from Midori and I fell in love. It was instant! It was kismet. And it was last winter. I saw it in its packaging and I thought to myself that it looked interesting and hmmm and it turned out to be just what I needed in life. I showed it to Jon and he said, hmm, okay. We got in a small quantity because, well, it’s a tape cutter. They sold out before I could rant and rave about them and we just got in another shipment of them.


There is really not much to this device. My ranting and raving is mostly just saying it’s really great. It’s hard to explain. It’s one of those things you either need or don’t. It could also be great around Christmas time.



As a bonus, it’s easy to fill. You just put the end of the tape onto the runners, close the whole thing up and press the top button a few times to lead it out. I think I had envisioned it to be as complicated as a price tag gun, like one of the ones we use in the shop.




The summer is flying by. I stepped on a yo-yo the other day (Caleb’s) and in the process of nearly dying, I stepped onto a one-inch hard plastic ball that belongs in a mini foosball table (also Caleb’s). It was impressive all around because Caleb is actually not even physically in the house (he is at a sleepover camp) but he is still causing me grief. It’s like he knew I would miss him so he left little trails so I would miss him just a little less. Or maybe I now miss him more, because if he was present I could yell at him to clean up his toys in an effort to relieve my suffering?


In any case, I live to tell the tale.


Here is a picture of our shop cat, Chicken, looking a bit grim. For those not intimately acquainted with him, this is also his look of love, which dovetails with the grimness of being loved by both me and Tuna.


Hope you are all having a great summer.



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July 25, 2023 — Liz Chan

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