Also new at Scriptus, but hopefully with us for a while, is this new Franklin-Christoph Model 20, in a shade of amber that F-C made just for us. Does it happen to match our Chicken? Yes. Was that done on purpose? Who is to say what purpose is? We wanted a lovely colour, and F-C made something delicious for us, and I’m so pleased to have this in our collection, and in my own pen roll, which is bulging and overflowing these days.


It matches our original Model 20 from F-C, which we got several years ago. Several years ago, and before our Tuna, we made a pen to match our Tuna, and now we have a pen to match our Chicken and these two pens must be together forever. This is the sort of coincidence that only life and the moon and her wily ways can give us.





Of course I had to ink it up with Ginger Chicken, one of the two original Dominant Industry inks that we launched last year. It continues to be a real favourite of mine, both because of sentimental reasons but also because I still love the colour. I already had the new Platinum Chou Kuro in my grey M20, but perhaps I will plan for them to both empty and fill my Amber with Tuna Grey and my Bronze with Ginger Chicken, so they can be together in stationery spirit.



We’re going to be launching at Scriptus and having the rest online, and hopefully for a little while longer as well.




In any case, we are getting ready for Scriptus. It’s the night before, and I can already feel my eyeballs buzzing. Each show has its own flavour, the babies in various baby stages, the chaos, the team changing ever so slightly. It’s the night before the big show and I’m nervous mostly about forgetting that thing that I told someone I was going to bring or diapers or the right snacks or maybe a child.


But of course, each show comes and goes and it is what it is, which is part of the beauty of it. Matthew Chen from Matthew’s Nibworks was in the shop today to grind some nibs, and I’m so pleased to have a few new pens—or rather, pens from my collection that seem to now have a new lease on life with a fresh new nib. I’m looking forward to Scriptus and I’m also looking forward to after Scriptus, when I maybe will have a chance to spend some time with my stationery and pens, and maybe a few new treats from the show.



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October 28, 2023 — Liz Chan



Nerr said:

I got myself one and has paired it with Ginger Chicken. It’s definitely One True Pair.

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