We know the best things in life are brown. Worn-in leather boots, chocolate & coffee, some of my favourite inks like Lie de The or Diamine Ochre, and of course, this handsome prince:
And, as a bonus, my favourite/only joke: what's brown and sticky? (Continue reading for the answer!) Joining the ranks, we are now introducing the Special Edition Kaweco Brown Sport! We are so excited to have this brown Sport fountain pen in from Germany, in very limited quantities. I think this was some sort of European release, but we bungled our way into a few of them. A brown pen?! How could I resist! (Plus, I mean, Canadians and Europeans, we go way back. To like 1497 back. And we still have the Queen on our monies! If this doesn't help small businesses get into these European releases, I don't know what will.) We've harassed our distributor for updates on this pen for long enough - it's finally here!
Kaweco Sport in Brown Canada Toronto wonderpens.ca
It's a dark, retro, smooth kind of brown, actually kind of like chocolate. The Sport is a pocket pen, smaller in size when capped, but if you remove the twist cap and post it on the back of the pen, it converts closer to a regular size pen.
Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Brown Toronto Canada wonderpens.ca
Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Brown Toronto Canada wonderpens.ca
The Sport takes standard international cartridges, and also has a squeeze converter (since most piston-type standard international converters don't fit into the back of the barrel of the Sport). It comes with one royal blue cartridge to begin with, which you can also refill with a reusable ink syringe.
Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Brown Toronto Canada wonderpens.ca
You can get either the standard clip, or the curved "N" clip with a bit more of a vintage styling on it. The finishes are gold, which I think perfectly suits the brown tone. We'll put a gold-toned nib on it for you unless you upgrade to an italic, as all of the italic nibs are silver in colour. Kaweco keeps coming out with new stuff, and this brown is just the chocolate icing on the cake! We got a very limited quantity, so if you're a Kaweco fan, or you just like the look of this Sport, don't wait too long. You can check out the details here. There are lots and lots of new things coming from Kaweco! I can hardly keep up, really. I just got off the phone with the Canadian Kaweco distributor, which is always a treat because I get to hear about all the new things in the pipelines. Soon!   *** And as for the joke, what's brown and sticky? A stick! Get it, stick-y? HAHA! (In my defense, I've told this joke to many of my former students, who have all agreed it's hilarious, and not only because they know which side their bread is buttered on, and who is writing their report cards).

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March 26, 2015 — wonderpens

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