OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We've got a few exciting projects and things in the works planned out for the next few months, and this is the first of them! We're now carrying the Pilot Falcon fountain pen. I know, I know: good grief, finally. For a long time now we've been asked about some of the higher level Pilot pens, and we've had them in our sights for about just as long. With Pilot, it sometimes takes us a bit longer to move on projects because of the long ship time from Japan (3 months!), which means a bit of planning and organization on my end (you can guess if that's my strong suit...). For the last little while, we've had new pens trickling in, some to try out, and some in good stock so we can start showing them off in the shop and online. I love soft nibs and line variation, so you could say that I'm particularly happy to welcome this pen, the Pilot Falcon to our Wonder Pens family, and in particular, my own nuclear family of personal pens. Pilot Falcon Wonder Pens Fountain pen Calligraphy Toronto Canada The Pilot Falcon is a bit of an iconic pen - it's one of the softest nibs available in modern fountain pens. It's not a flex pen, but the nib is soft enough to give you noticeable variation. The danger is pushing the nib too far, and damaging it, because it's not actually a flex nib, particularly if you compare it to vintage flex. There are some very popular videos, like this one, that show writing samples with a Pilot Falcon, but it has a modified nib to give added flexibility. I've only had the pen for an afternoon, but I'm looking forward to doing a blog post with a few more details after I've had some time to really get to know the pen, but for now I thought I'd share some writing samples so you could see what sort of line variation you can reasonably expect. This is the Pilot Falcon with a soft fine nib and the ink is, of course, our Canadian favourite, Noodler's Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham. Writing Sample Pilot Falcon Fountain pen Soft Fine Wonder Pens Toronto Canada Writing Sample Pilot Falcon Wonder Pens Fountain pens Toronto Canada Writing Sample of Pilot Falcon Fine Nib Noodler's Plains of Abraham Wonder Pens Toronto Canada Pilot Falcon Fountain pen So far, my favourite thing is how wet it is! I sometimes have to fiddle around with my Ahab because I'm getting railroading, and the other side is that I usually have to have it very, very wet - which limits the paper I can use. The Falcon has not railroaded on me once! We've got more to come from Pilot! Some we've sold right from the boxes coming in, so yup, we'll be trying to order some more in over the next little while, and get them up on the website. We're keeping busy here, mostly inside with this sudden cold weather. We re-organized some furniture and Jon "gave" me a packing table (oh, how I swoon) to unpack and count new shipments, and maybe do some work while Caleb is napping. The table is currently completely overrun, which is a pretty accurate description of the state of things. Just for fun, here's a photo with how the blog magic really happens. I'm pretty sure my mom shops at Costco because she always has things in bulk quantities, and I've never been more grateful.

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January 07, 2016 — wonderpens



Stepcam said:

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Tas Kyprianou

Tas Kyprianou said:

Lovely pairing. Thanks for showing them both off . . .


Anonymous said:

Thanks for reading! While the ink is a favourite for us, it does pretty well in a pen with a nib like this :)


Stepcam said:

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