Just in stock, we got in a few new Japanese stickers from Classiky! We recently placed an order with Classiky for a much needed re-stock of their wooden boxes and drawers, and also their washi tapes. However, I feel like every time I browse their catalogues I discover new treats I hadn't seen before, and this time, of course, I couldn't resist these adorable and funny and quintessentially Japanese stickers. Jon sometimes jokes that I have been using the shop as a front for my own stationery hoarding, and while I might say in this instance, it's obviously not true since we're selling them in the shop, I will admit that it wouldn't be the end of the world for me to keep all of these stickers in my secret stationery stash. We got monkeys, swallows, birds and various Japanese characters doing funny things .
Hobonichi Techo 2017 Classiky Stickers Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoiseshell
Monkey Gorilla Classiky Sticker Toronto Canada
I think these monkeys must be my favourite - they're serious and hilarious at the same time. I sometimes call Caleb a monkey because he's a climber, but it's funny because these monkeys are also pretty serious, like Caleb is. And these koi fish! Suitable for all occasions and recipients. Classiky Goldfish Stickers Wonder Pens Toronto Canada Japanese Koi Fish Classiky Stickers Toronto Canada Stickers also look great on envelopes for snail mail (or even better, invoices or cheques!), or to put on your stationery. These are the little hooded girls. Snail Mail Life Japanese Stationery Classiky Stickers Classiky Stickers Toronto Canada These Japanese characters are also hilarious, and I think I'm going to put them on all of my snail mail for the next little while. They're available in green or blue. Classiky Stickers Toronto Canada Classiky Stickers Snail Mail Japanese Stationery Toronto Canada Stationery Shop Japanese Stickers Classiky Stickers Canada Another favourite is using the swallows or birds with air mail envelopes, since they're reminiscent of pigeon carriers. There's something nice about a bit extra on an envelope besides just the stamp and address. Classiky Stickers Swallows Toronto Canada                   Classiky Stickers Swallows Toronto Canada Pigeon Bird Stickers Classiky Japanese Stationery Toronto Canada These stickers mostly come in flat envelopes or packages, and we're hoping to set up shipping options within our online site so people who are interested in just ordering stickers or flat items can pay over-sized letter mail rates, which won't come with tracking but will cost less than parcel rates. If you are interested in these now, before we get the shipping setting up online, you can always send us an email at info@wonderpens.ca for a quote based on the weight of your package. It will probably be around $3-4, depending on how many packs of stickers you order. Eventually this over-size letter mail option will also be available for people who just want to order, for example, two or three Traveler's Notebook inserts or a flat notebook. Coming soon!


In other news, we're keeping our door open now to welcome in the fresh air and cool breeze, and it's also meant we're keeping a closer eye on Chicken, the shop cat, in case he decides to go for a walk.

He's been vaccinated with his outdoor shots just in case, although we haven't seen him go out on his own, and in fact have been discouraging it. In the packing area + apartment, when the door's open, he watches carefully but hasn't ventured out. This is more due the fact that the door is only open to welcome large deliveries or as people come in and out, so someone can keep an eye on the cat (and dog), but in the shop with the door propped open all the time, I'm not sure if we should be more worried.

At the park nearby our shop, Caleb and I regularly see a large white + grey cat with a collar and tags who just saunters around the jungle gym and nestles into the beds of flowers, and he seems pretty content.

Supposedly some cats are just free spirits, and need to wander a bit outside to retain their independence and bring home some prey, so we'll see what Chicken decides.

Who am I to refuse a cat the call of the wild if it should so deign to spirit him off, but I'm hoping after 6 months here Chicken will remember where the food dish is.

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