It’s the season of fresh new agendas and planners, along with the glorious anxiety of making all the right decisions. 


While the Midori MD 2021 planners don’t have quite the splash that Hobonichi has, some of you have been using these planners for a while and have been waiting for these ones to come in. The MD notebooks are popular because of their high quality paper, but also the really simple binding and design. It’s a clean, white aesthetic that you can slip into a plastic cover or leather cover, and they also follow the A5/A6 sizes so if you have another standard notebook cover these will fit. 


Their standard 2021 planners, available in a variety of sizes, are their most popular, and include a dated monthly page and undated weekly pages so you have flexibility throughout the year. 



They also have a page a day format, which we used to use in our Studio Shop back when it was open. I have seen some really beautiful journals with scrapbooking using this notebook. 



They also have released these 2021 dated calendar stickers, which are helpful if you are using an undated notebook but still want reference to dates. 


There are lots of other things too, including some calendars. We’re planning on using this wall calendar in our kitchen next year, and the one below is the Ojisan Desk Calendar



I have surprised myself with an unexpected decision to use this cute little Midori Business Diary for next year. I had every intention of going with a Hobonichi Techo Avec again, but now I am wavering and contemplating what next year is going to look like. I don’t necessarily need a page a day, like the Hobonichi Techo offers (the Avec splitting the year into two, so I can carry a slimmer notebook), but a notebook to keep the loose nuts a little closer together. 



Currently reading: Don DeLillo’s White Noise

Currently wondering: whether or not there’s truly a point in getting a cat as a pet

Also wondering: if Chicken has alternate family homes where he spends time, gets fed, etc.

And: where we are on the hierarchy if this is the case (probably pretty low)




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November 18, 2020 — Liz Chan
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