As life continues to swarm around me, I have found a new favourite fun pen, the Mango Safari Ballpoint. I love it. I have been clicking around like nobody’s business. I have never been one for the Safari ballpoint in general, but in these new candy colours, the all mangoey mango was calling out to me. The fountain pen version needed a sidekick (an ego booster? a foil?).

The most important thing to do when considering this pen is to ensure your expectations are in the right place. This is a ballpoint.

I say that a bit in jest, but also these are truly ballpoints. In my opinion, they’re vastly improved by using the broad refill, which I can acknowledge is a pretty contentious opinion here at Wonder Pens. I’m all for the sharp, crisp, flow on a finer gel pen—the 0.5 Synergy gel pen is an all-time favourite pen of mine—but the ink in ballpoints is a bit slower moving, you need more pressure to get it going. The broad gives you more glide. It is also a thicker line, which I can give or take. I just like that it clicks and that the barrel comes in fun colours. I think it’s the mango clip that really does it for me.

The ballpoint refill that it takes is the M16, black or blue, and in a Medium or Broad.
From top to bottom: broad black, broad blue and medium black. The broad is indeed broader, but it also glides more smoothly.
A nice springy feel to the click. Very satisfying.
A slightly triangulated grip, which is not quite as restrictive as on the fountain pen as you can write on whichever angle you like with a ballpoint.


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June 12, 2020 — wonderpens



Mireya said:

I love the yummy goodness of Lamy’s latest special editions. Things have been tight during quarantine so I’ve been using my stash but I couldn’t resist this. I got myself the mango fountain pen and inked it with Lamy Crystal Ruby. Just looking at it’s sunny, bright color perks me up.
Thank you for your blogs. They always brighten my days and I look forward to each and every one of them.


Anonymous said:

Thank you so much for reading the blog! And for taking the time to write. The Mango and Ruby must be such a great combination! Bright and fun and cheerful. Sometimes it’s just what we need for a little joy and inspiration.

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