Several weeks ago we got in a big shipment from Leuchtturm1917, which is always nice. We stocked the standard line and also got in some new things. Their notebooks are popular with bullet journaling, but they’re also just great all around notebooks. They’re high quality, look great, especially that classic Black A5 notebook, and most importantly for me, the paper is pretty fountain pen friendly.

And they just released a new B6+ size which I love. I don’t know what it is about that size. I have an ongoing love affair with the B6 Slim from Midori, and this notebook is similar but wider.

Here’s a size comparison of the Traveler’s Notebook, the B6+ in the middle, and the standard A5 (Large) size on the right.

A writing sample with J. Herbin Vert de gris, writing with a Pilot soft medium. It’s great quality for fountain pens without having really long dry times. It probably won’t handle flex nibs or something too inky without some feathering or ghosting, but as an everyday notebook it’s terrific.

I’ve been using my Traveler’s Notebook heavily for organization and keeping track of things, and these days being so full of things, I finally started separating things. My Traveler’s Notebook is still for organization, blog, orders, to-do lists, reading, schedule (even though I don’t have the appointments or after school activities or meet-ups, it’s all planning for shop stuff at this point).

I’ve started this B6+ Leuchtturm for daily personal journaling. It’s writing about my day and trying to process things and whingeing and taping in things like photos. I’m loving it!

Part of this new wind may have also been the recent influx of tapes and stickers first from Classiky and then from MT. It’s always fun to get new tapes, says the stationery shop clerk who has been hoarding tapes like a witch in the woods preparing her candy house. In any case, I’m spreading out a bit more on the page, putting in tape, writing about my day, worrying about things, celebrating things. There’s just enough space for me.

Hope you are all finding your own time to write or to journal or other ways of staying creative, whether it’s outside in your garden or in your kitchen trying out new recipes. It’s been rainstorms and glorious heat and I am completely and absolutely ready for this new season.

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June 04, 2020 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

Yes, what a great size. It feels terrific in the hand. I’ve made note of adding additional lined colours to our offerings! Thanks so much for writing and letting us know what you’re interested in.

Frank G Helwig

Frank G Helwig said:

I picked up one of the Leuchtturm B6+ notebooks (black/lined) today and I agree, this is the almost ideal size for a notebook. Very appealing. I think it feels so right because it’s more or less the size of a paperback. I’m hoping you’ll bring in some additional colours of the lined version in this size…


Marcy said:

I’m holding out hope that you’ll be restocking that little SL pouch with the white paint again!?


wonderpens said:

We will! Did you want me to add your email to an in-stock notification? Let me know! Otherwise, we will be getting it back in, yes. :)

erjilo pterin

erjilo pterin said:

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