Lamy has arrived! We are very happy to have this line of pens in - they're a classic, a great entry-level pen, good for the workplace, sketching, the list goes on. Lamy is a German, family-owned company, and while their pens are most widely-used in Germany and Europe, their trademark design can be found around the world. In 1930 C. Josef Lamy purchased a pen manufacturing company, and after a period of manufacturing pens under the original name, in 1948, began making pens as Lamy. Lamy pens have been designed with functionality and practicality in mind - ensuring that their pens are easy to use, consistent and durable. In 1980, after research targeting a new generation of users, Lamy launched their Safari line of pens in ABS plastic. Their sleek new modern design quickly took off, breaking away from the romantic nostalgia often associated with fountain pens after the development of the ballpoint. Creating a market for professionals and students to consider a new style of writing, beginning in the late 1980s, Lamy pens began to spread internationally, along with international design awards. As an interesting side note, in 1990, Lamy celebrated the reunification of Germany on its rooftop garden - yet another instance of being ahead of its time.
We're starting with the Safari, Vista and Al-Stars, and have a few others on backorder right now.
Lamy Safaris in Yellow, Blue and Charcoal Black
Lamy Vista's Clear Feed Section & Fine Nib
Lamy Al-Star Aluminum (top) and Graphite Grey (bottom)
These pens are cartridge/converter and they take proprietary Lamy cartridges or converters. Converters are available separately and allow you to use bottled ink.
Lamy Safari Pen Box
Their pen boxes are cardboard, which I love, since it's completely recyclable, and Lamy isn't really one to "rest" in its case. It's simple and holds the pen quite securely. Again, a functional, practical design. Great features of all these pens include: - An ink window to see your supply - Triangular grip for easier writing - Snap-on cap, can be posted - Easily interchangeable nibs - pull off, slide on - Extremely durable Find our Lamy pens here. It's available in quite a few more colours, and if you're interested in something in particular, let us know! Please comment or email if you have any questions!

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