It's always exciting when new inks come in, although the Lamy Crystal inks have actually been on our shelves for a while.*

These are ten new inks in colours inspired by crystals and minerals, decidedly more adventurous, as compared with their more utilitarian standard line. These new Crystal inks also come in smaller 30 mL bottles.

These writing samples and swabs are all done in a Taroko notebook.

Lamy Rhodonite Writing Sample
Lamy Rhodonite - pink with some gold sheen!
Lamy Beryl Writing Sample
Lamy Beryl
Lamy Ruby Writing Sample
Lamy Ruby
Lamy Azurite Writing Sample
Lamy Azurite - a blue purple with some greenish gold sheen
Lamy Peridot Writing Sample
Lamy Peridot
Lamy Amazonite Writing Sample
Lamy Amazonite
Lamy Benitoite Writing Sample
Lamy Benitoite
Lamy Agate Writing Sample
Lamy Agate
Lamy Obsidian Writing Sample
Lamy Obsidian
Lamy Topaz Writing Sample
Lamy Topaz

Personal favourites (as indicated by the bottles that have been seconded into my own collection)? No surprises: the Benitoite (blue black) and the Topaz (brown). The Azurite I also found quite wet, and it's got that great sheen. It is, alas, more of a blue purple than the Dark Lilac, but it may also be joining my shelf soon enough. The Obsidian is also a nice black, quite dark and smooth, although I have a hard time motivating myself up to ink up a pen with black ink.

It's fun to see these new colours come out from Lamy, Lamy being one of my go-to brands, and often the first one I recommend to beginners when I'm out in the shop. A few bright colours, with some sheen, some more unusual dusky hues. A great addition to the Lamy line-up.

Lamy Crystal inks
Lamy Crystal inks canada
Lamy Crystal Inks Canada


In other news, in the time it's taken me to get my act together and swab and photograph these new inks (2-3+ months?), the more exciting 2019 Bronze Lamy Al-Star and Bronze ink have come in. More on them later, but for now, here's a sneak peek. Mine is a fine!


Lamy 2019 Al-Star Bronze


*Actually Lamy sent them to us in this little swivelly thing that also comes with Vista testers for each other inks, which sits on one of our tables. Alas, I'm at the studio shop so I can't take a picture right now, but rest assured it swivels very well.

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February 27, 2019 — wonderpens



Pamela said:

My daughter gave me two of the Lamy Crystal inks for Christmas – Ruby and Peridot. I am so pleased with both of these colours. I am keeping my Lamy Safari inked up with the Ruby and using it for underlining, ticking things off and generally drawing attention to stuff. The Peridot is currently out of rotation, but it will soon be back in one of my pens. Dark Lilac was a favourite of mine, too, and the best alternative I’ve found to date is Waterman Tender Purple – not a dupe, but enjoyable.


Anonymous said:

Two great colours! I love how you’re using the Ruby – it’s a lovely, warm red. Dark Lilac has become a real classic, but I’m glad you’ve found a good match with Tender Purple (another shop favourite). Thanks for sharing!

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