Customers sometimes ask if we carry cards, especially if they are in a bit of a rush on their way to a celebration, and we've only ever had are the blank card sets from G. Lalo. While I still love these G. Lalo cards, since they are super with fountain pens, and they're an elegant way to drop a quick note, there's just something about having a card to wish someone a happy birthday or tell them you love them. It took us a while to get our act together, as we seem to always have more than a few balls in the air, but when Lichia Liu presented her beautiful and funny Gotamago cards, we knew this was the line for us. 
Gotamago cards at Wonder Pens Toronto
This card, with the phrase "Text less, write more" epitomizes our whole business! Take the time to select a card, write something inside, and mail it to someone you know - someone who could use a cheerful thought, a friend with whom you've been out of touch, a co-worker or colleague. Add a little something to the world. Lichia is a Toronto artist who bases many of her designs and illustrations on her own travels and experiences. She is also a fountain pen user, which is how she discovered us! Her cards are printed right here in Toronto, which I love - Canadian and local artists and businesses supporting each other. We're hoping to do another post on Lichia, her process of creating and the store of her business soon! She also a really great holiday line, which will be up closer to the holidays. I have many favourites, but here are a few:
Gotamago Cards at Wonder Pens Toronto
Those of you who don't live close enough to visit our shop may not know that Jon has been sporting his beard for now literally months. Every once in a while I give it a trim, but the closest he's ever been to shaving it off was when the baby figured out that beard grabbing is a pretty exciting thing. Now that Jon's figured out he needs to change positions when Caleb's arms start waving in towards the beard, there's no danger of shaving. 
Gotamago Cards at Wonder Pens Toronto
Gotamago Cards at Wonder Pens Toronto
I have to laugh every time I see this card because the expression on this pug's face is so true. Any dog owner whose had a dog in need of the cone can attest to this. The one time Super ever needed this was when he got a few mosquito bites near his snout. He pawed at it so much his whole face started swelling up, and on went the cone. You might think dogs would get frustrated and try to tear the thing off, which is basically held only by velcro, but Super just got really, really sad. It would have been funnier if it wasn't so pathetic.
Gotamago Cards at Wonder Pens Toronto
Gotamago Cards at Wonder Pens Toronto
I think this one is officially my favourite card of the line, and not only because you can use this for basically every occasion from birthday to sympathy to thinking of you. I guess the reason you can use it for so many occasions is because the statement "authenticity is beautiful" really is a statement for life and, sometimes, for us living in a city with people bustling around you in the world we live in, that line really says it all.

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