Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
It's finally here! After what seems like an eternity of dreaming and waiting and keeping it all together, we're finally presenting to you our Franklin-Christoph exclusive - the Model 20 in a translucent dark grey finish. If you're on Instagram or you read pen blogs or you're just kind of a pen person, you've probably stumbled across a Franklin-Christoph pen or two. Franklin-Christoph is a family business based out of North Carolina in the US, and they've been making some beautiful pens for a while now. They're known not only for the design of the pens themselves, but also for some pretty unique finishes. There are a lot of really beautiful resins and acrylics out there, but F-C's material finishes are in a league of their own - they have different types of clear finishes and translucent and opaque colours that you just can't find anywhere else. They're also known for being really great people, which is not exactly uncommon in this industry, but is just another reminder of how great it is to work in the business that we're in.
Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
This truly has to be one of the most exciting things we've ever done as a business, and we've had no shortage of excitement over the last three years, especially this last year. When we first got in touch with Scott at Franklin-Christoph, he offered to do us up an exclusive pen that we would be able to call our own. After I finished mentally imploding, I knew right away that I wanted a Model 20 because I had been dreaming of it for a while, and I was hoping for a translucent finish because, you know me, I just love a good eye-dropper pen. Scott and the fine folks at Franklin-Christoph did not disappoint. They sent over this gorgeous Model 20 in a translucent grey finish, a vintage grey brown tone, officially called Translucent Bronze, and we were done for. The finish is really something else - it's a hint of something dark, while still being translucent, and allows you to see the ink inside, in a cartridge or converter, or of course as an eyedropper. There's kind of a vintage look to it, not something too flashy, but something that makes you stop to take a closer look.
Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
It's available either with or without a clip, and it's also a snap cap! Because it's a snap cap, the grip is smooth without threads to get in the way. It's pretty hard to find a snap cap on these small run pens, acrylic or resin pens that aren't injection-mold ABS plastic. You can find more info on the Model 20 in particular here in a video F-C created, where Scott also says it's one of his favourite FC designs to date - great minds think alike!! (I'm referring to me, if you didn't get that, because I also really like this model...)
Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
  The finish on the pen is just beautiful. I love the mix of the super smooth and clear grey glassy finial ends and on the cap, with the grey gravel on the inside of the barrel. My favourite part about the pen has got to be the inside of the barrel. While it comes with a standard international converter, and takes cartridges as well, one of the reasons I really wanted a translucent pen is of course, for an eyedropper.  I just love the finish F-C gives on the inside of their translucent pens - a gravelly sort of texture inside the barrel. It's absolutely stunning, and completely unique to Franklin-Christoph.  
Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
The nib is super smooth, one of the smoothest nibs I've written with out of the box, and nice and wet as well. I have a medium on mine, and the flow is perfect, a bit on the wet side, which is just how I like it. We've also got a few of Franklin-Christoph 1.9 mm music nibs! These nibs are lookers - real show stoppers. I can't wait to do a review of how the F-C nibs write, including this one here.
Franklin Christoph Model 20 Review Canada Where to buy fountain Pens toronto
We're loving having these pens here - I love seeing them on our trays in the shop. We've only got a small quantity of these, especially if you're interested in the clipless. Just today, Saturday, we've already had a few walk out the door before we even got to post them online! (They're online here now!) If you're in the US or international, and you're interested in this pen, just send us an e-mail for a quote on the shipping - We've priced the pen at $230 CAD due to the exchange, which is $165 USD, F-C's price for their Model 20s. Shipping to the continental US for the pen should be something like $25 CAD ($18.50 USD), which comes with insurance and tracking. (Actually, for those of you that have been interested in Plains of Abraham but were a bit scared off with the shipping cost, you can get the ink with pen for the same shipping price, since the weight and size of the two items combined is still in the first weight tier for Canada Post. Unfortunately the bottle is still plastic right now.)
Franklin-Christoph fountain pens Canada Wonder Pens Toronto Model 20 Exclusive
One of the most incredible things about being in this business and industry is that it's really a community - people come back over and over and get to know each other and relationships form. Franklin-Christoph has not only become well-known for their beautiful pens and innovative designs, but also for the workmanship and craftsmanship that goes behind every pen. Their nibs are all individually inspected and hand-tuned before going out the door, and they stand behind their pens with a life-time warranty. It's truly amazing that we get to work with people like Scott at F-C, another family business, and know that our customers and people in our community who are buying these gorgeous pens are not only getting gorgeous pens, but, in doing so, are supporting two family businesses.

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wonderpens said:

F-C pens are hard to resist! I already have a burgeoning collection of my own. More to come!

Cecily Walker

Cecily Walker said:

Please tell me you’re restocking these some day..


wonderpens said:

We sure are! Already in the queue at F-C, hoping to get them over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Marcy Penner

Marcy Penner said:

Just found FC pens and have been obsessing. Hoping this one, or new collaborations will be coming soon!

Journal Writing Wednesday: 5 pages | inlovewithjournals

Journal Writing Wednesday: 5 pages | inlovewithjournals said:

[…] watching videos about the Franklin Christoph Model 20 Translucent Bronze fountain pen, available exclusively at Wonder Pens in Toronto. I’ve been wanting a Franklin Christoph pen for a while and this would be a good […]

Subarna Das

Subarna Das said:

Would you carry the Masumaya nibs?


wonderpens said:

Unfortunately right now we’re just carrying the steel nibs. Will keep you updated if anything changes!


wonderpens said:

I agree that the material is amazing!! You know I love my clear demonstrators, but here is something else about the translucent finish that gives it a bit more character that makes is stunning.

We aren’t selling the nibs individually quite yet, as we want to make sure that everyone who is getting the pen has their first choice of nib, but if you are getting the pen and want a spare nib as well, send us an email first and we’ll make sure you have what you need :)

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 in Translucent Bronze |

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 in Translucent Bronze | said:

[…] shipment. The initial lot sold out in less than a week and you can read the announcement blog post here. (Liz has some fabulous […]


Ri said:

Omygod I WANT. Will you guys be restocking these when you run out or is this the only batch?

Sibo Chen

Sibo Chen said:

OK, I have to comment on this. I actually has a 02 special edition that makes out of the same material and its amazing. So it seems that my wallet will cry very soon. From what I have read online, 20 is a great model. Good job for bringing F-C to Canada! Will you have some of their nibs for sale too?


wonderpens said:

We plan on restocking! These are selling out more quickly than we could’ve hoped for, so I’m not exactly sure when our next order will be made, but we do plan on carrying these for the next little while, at least :)

Paul Joynes

Paul Joynes said:

I really like my Model 20. Your customers will like this one a lot.


wonderpens said:

I’m so glad to hear it! It’s a beauty, and I’m hoping everyone will love it just as much as we do :)

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