Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
Field Notes has just released their newest addition to their standard lineup, the Signature, and it's one of my favourite releases to date. I've started this really radical and crazy thing, where I try to use all of my special edition or limited edition or discontinued items, inks and notebooks and pencils, instead of hoarding them. It's actually been a bit of a relief since sometimes I found out I don't actually like that special edition ink that much, and I can find it a better home, although of course there's still that heart in my throat feeling every once in a while, especially when I find I do in fact really love that colour or edition. I loved the Dime Novel (I mean, based on books, vintage-inspired, nice and thick, an ivory size...), and while I haven't used up even half of the first of my two-pack, I was already starting to get a little antsy. And then look what happened! Field Notes released this new Signature series, a grey "sketchbook" and a beige lined, available in packs of two. These Signature notebooks are beautiful - I love the grey and beige colour combinations, and the debossed titles and lettering is an elegant and subtle touch.
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
And the paper! An upgrade from the usual Field Notes paper, it seems. The Dime Novel had an ivory paper, and the new Signature a white, but both are Strathmore Premium Wove 70#T, and to my delight, surprisingly fountain pen friendly. There is some texture or feel to the paper, so it won't be super smooth, but it will hold up decently well to inky fountain pens.
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
Here it is with a Workshop Companion (standard size) Field Notes on top. The Dime Novel, and now the Signature, are bigger than the standard size Field Notes. They're about as wide as an A6, but an inch taller. As a bonus, they fit really nicely in the front pocket of my A5 Superior Labor portfolio. One of the most unusual things about the Dime Novel was that they were bound in a Smyth-sewn binding, rather than the usual stapled binding, giving it an extra thick and sturdy feel. There are three signatures, enough to give it a good weight in the hand. I love this binding, as it means it will lie flat if you give it a good press.
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
And! If you get from this batch, your Signature will have on the back cover "...First Printing, February, 2018." I love this about Field Notes, the level of care and detail they put into everything.
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada
I've recently begun using Field Notes for gratitude. It's not quite every day, it might be a few things on one day, and then a week of life, or I might put in an Instax picture or a few stickers, but it's a small notebook that I can carry around with me, and if I'm in a waiting room or I've got a few minutes, I can break it out.
Field Notes Signature Toronto Canada


In other news, the weather has been warming up. What a relief! To feel a cool, refreshing wind, instead of the gusts that strip you up and down of all you have left in the world. I'm being dramatic. But this small defrosting has me looking forward to days cool enough for walks in sweaters and sipping hot coffee while a baby gurgles on a blanket. As Caleb gets older and older, it's been fun (and easier) to bring him around to different places throughout the city. He loves taking the TTC, and enjoys his role as the transfer keeper and watching for the different stops, but it's also a delight for me, as an adult, to see this city through new and wondering eyes. When I have errands that take me into various pockets of the city, he's thrilled to pack his bag with snacks and a book and an emergency bandaid. Last month, in the blistery cold of the seesaw weather of recent winters, Derrick from the warehouse took Caleb to the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was really cute, to see the two of them heading off, both of them excited and a little nervous, for very different reasons. They watched some construction, ate pho, came back with lots of funny pictures and no one cried. What an amazing thing to have these people in our lives.

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February 28, 2018 — wonderpens



kris said:

I read somewhere that Toronto weather is gonna get cold again… With snow.
Well, as long as the sun is out with clear skies, I guess I don’t mind the chilly breeze. I feel like doing nothing when it’s just cloudy weather; we Torontonians are used to belated spring weather, anyway.
BTW, has anyone in Wonder Pens (or anyone reading this blog) bought tickets to Yayoi Kusayama’s exhibition held in the AGO? I can’t seem to get any at all as they keep selling out!


Sully said:

You will see me this weekend getting these notebooks for sure :)

btw, I’m just realized that Organics Studio ink is now back in production. Will you carry the ink from this company soon? I would LOVE to try the Nitrogen Royal Blue ink :D


Anonymous said:

They’re beauties! :)

We carried Organics Studio a few years back, and at that time they were just starting up (so were we!). I can see there’s been a bit of interest in them with their new sheening inks, so it’s definitely something for us to look into!


Rob said:

I have heard some good stuff about this ink colour.

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