As we get closer and closer to Christmas, we've got a few fun things to help you celebrate: Christmas washi tape!
Christmas Washi Tape
We are now carrying MT Christmas washi tape in Craft (the brown on the bottom), Christmas animals (at the top) and a special discontinued 2014 edition, Santa (in the middle). Some of you may know that I have been hoarding washi tape now for a while, and these Christmas washi tapes are just one stop along the journey of amassing my own body weight in tape. These Christmas washi tapes are perfect for the season. I've been using them on my Christmas cards and wrapping a few gifts. Christmas Card washi tape ideas Christmas washi as seals for cards Using a bit of washi tape in place of a wax seal. Christmas wrapping inspiration All of the washi tapes, but especially the Kraft, are great for helping to wrap gifts up. Rather than using seasonal wrapping paper, we often use plain kraft paper and use a bit of washi tape or other decorations. Christmas wrapping inspiration You can also use the tapes for your journaling, letter mail, taping notes, kids crafts, as a bit of decoration on gift jars or packages of cookies. These Santa ones in particular have a special place in my heart: they are actually from MT's 2014 Christmas release, and you may notice that some of them have an "out of production" sticker. I discovered them in 2015, after the season was over, and I had been searching them out here and there in different shops for my own personal washi collection. There's just something about this Santa tape that's irresistible. MT Santa Claus washi tape On a whim, I emailed to see if MT had any left over tapes, and to my absolute delight, they had a few they could send our way. I couldn't believe my luck that they had extra stock. (Neither could Jon.) It's no secret that I lean heavily towards bringing things into the store that I'm in love with (as opposed to more strategic, long-term, business-like decisions), but I have to admit the work and time I put into sourcing these Santas was a bit crazy, even for me. Danielle, on the team here, joked that it wouldn't be unreasonable for me to keep them all - or at least she thought she was joking until she saw the look on my face. Apparently she did not realize that this was a conversation I'd already had with Jon. She asked what exactly I plan on doing with all of them, but as some of my pen pals may know, I actually use this Santa washi tape all year round. This is one of my more "charming" idiosyncrasies, so it's limited to pen pals I'll likely never have to meet in person. When I'm old and grey and Caleb is left to sort through the last of my belongings, he's going to discover boxes of these Santa washi tapes, which I hope he'll put to good use, if the glue on them hasn't dried and disintegrated.* I mean, really, who can resist a surfing Santa? MT Christmas washi tape *Unlikely, as, nearing the end of my life, I may consider using a humidor for storage.

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December 08, 2016 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

Thanks so much for reading, and taking the time to comment! One of my favourite things about Christmas time is wrapping the presents :)


Laura said:

This is great! I especially love the wrapping ideas. So creative, and it looks great.

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