So the big news of the week was the announcement from Japan of the new Olive Edition of the Traveler's Notebook! As a retailer, we'd been sent some information about this before, but of course we had to keep our lids on until it was officially announced, and I can't wait. Due to arrive close to the end of March or beginning of April. As a general life rule, I've been trying to hold off on accumulating more than I can reasonably use at a time, but this is so completely in my colour palette of browns and warm and earthy greens. And it may even match a new Safari pen coming out! Who knows!
It's going to be a limited edition, like the Pan Am Blue Traveler's Notebook from two years ago - once it's gone, it's gone. We've ordered a nice solid amount, as you know we like to stock up on these limited edition things to try and avoid any disappointment. We still get questions about the Pan Am edition, so if you were one of the lucky folks that got one a few years ago, hold it close to your heart (or else maybe consider this olive edition!). There are not going to be as many accessories available as with the Pan Am, no zipper pocket, no stickers, but there will be a matching ballpoint pen and a matching pen clip in the olive green colour, which we will also be carrying. As of this time, we are not going to do a pre-order on it, as quantities are limited and may come staggered over the next few months. Our Traveler's Notebook distributor has given us some good assurance, but because there are never any guarantees - we don't want to over-sell, and then have any one go short on this limited edition. Once we get a firm number on exactly how many we can expect, we may open it up to pre-order, so you don't have to worry about rushing to it the second we get stock and put it up on the website. Your best bet right now is to sign up for an in-stock notification, which will email you when we get our stock in, or if we open it up to a pre-order. We'll certainly be announcing when we get it in, so stay tuned to the website and our social media as well.

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February 15, 2017 — wonderpens



Seamus said:

I’ve been using a full-size Olive Edition cover and fabric pencil case/card holder insert since 2017. I picked up at the factory store during a trip to Japan. The colour provides an amazing patina. Totally worth the investment!


wonderpens said:

It should be coming in the next two weeks, barring any unexpected complications!! :)


Kat said:

Hi, was wondering if you have this available for sale now? Thanks!


wonderpens said:

We are expecting it at the end of April! There could be delays in customs and shipping, but that is the timeline we have for now. I’ll certainly be posting on social media (, etc.) when they arrive!


Heidi said:

So so excited! Will be waiting and definitely purchasing


Cat said:

I can’t wait! I’ve been checking my emails every day. I really hope I can pick one up before my trip!


Sabrina said:

Omg this is so exciting. I can’t wait and I definitely hope you will consider pre-orders because I will order for sure.

Ruth E. Martin

Ruth E. Martin said:

I thought this year’s Safari is going to be a sort of dark teal colour? But an olive one would be fantastic! Especially in the matte finish. Green just happens to be my favourite colour. :)


wonderpens said:

You’re right! It is set to be a sort of dark teal green colour, much more than an olive green. I sort of was just imagining it to be in the same sort of colour vein! More pictures will be coming – the new Safari is coming in soon!


wonderpens said:

I can’t wait for it either! Once we get firm numbers, we will definitely consider a pre-order. We do anticipate good quantities, so people who know now that they’re interested in it should not have any problems (rather than, for example, looking now for the Pan Am Blue Traveler’s Notebook, which was released two years ago and is now pretty difficult to find!).

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