It's National Handwriting Day! We often get people in the shop who are looking for a fountain pen in order to improve their handwriting, or tell us that they've noticed their handwriting improving since they've started using a new pen. I'm not sure if a fountain pen is necessarily a magic wand, but having gone through the effort of choosing to write with one, you may find you are writing more thoughtfully or intentionally. IMG_2106 However, that all being said, I think National Handwriting Day is also just a celebration of handwriting, whether or not it's cursive or beautiful or legible (hopefully it's legible...). Here are a few ways you can celebrate: 1. Dust off that old fountain pen! Rummage through grandma's drawer or try cleaning out and inking up a pen you haven't used in a while. Sometimes an old tool gives you a fresh perspective. 2. Write a love letter to someone! Your wife! Your dog! Your favourite local pen shop! 3. Spend some time searching up the hashtag #calligraphy on Instagram, and immediately feel both desolate and hopeful about your own handwriting potential. 4. Google graphology, the art/science of handwriting analysis, and see what your handwriting says about you. Be prepared to attempt to change your handwriting... 5. Try something new! Normally write with an EF? Try an Italic! Die-hard printer? Try some Spencerian or copperplate. Try a new ink colour you might not naturally lean towards. For many fountain pen users, every day is National Handwriting Day. We look for reasons to use our wonderful fountain pens and inks, and sometimes end up doodling. Today, however, is the day when we don't necessarily seem so Willy Wonka, so go all out and celebrate! Have fun with your writing. Surprise your boss with a memo in your green scrawl. And ask for a raise while you're at it.

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January 23, 2015 — wonderpens
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