We've come back from our week off with a new baby for the dog to cuddle with, and significantly less sleep than we're used to. Some of you have stopped by the shop in the last few days to say hello and have met our little bean, and we've loved receiving the cards and letters in the mail! Because we live just up the street from the shop, our balancing act is a little bit easier. We're celebrating getting back to the shop and having such a great community around us with a giveaway! It was great to see so many orders coming in while we were off, and we're thankful for your patience as it took us a few days longer than usual to get your orders out the door. And, to entice you to darken our doorway again after the bricks and mortar was closed up for a week, we're actually hosting two giveaways! We're giving away one set in store, and one set online: 1. Lamy ABC Blue ($31.50) 2. Lamy Z24 Converter ($9.50) 3. Sailor Four Seasons - Souten ($22.00) Total value ($63.00 + HST)
Contest details: ONLINE 1. Enter online from anywhere. Leave a comment, and winner will be selected at random. Winner has three days to let us know shipping info (within Canada only!) before we move on to the next lucky soul. Contest closes 11:59 pm EST on Saturday, October 4th, 2014. Winner will be announced Sunday, October 5th. 2. Stop by the shop and enter in our draw. You need to leave some contact info, either e-mail for phone. You have three days to confirm that you are a winner (although we're all winners deep down) before we move onto the next person. Winner has to pick-up in store. Contest opens Saturday, September 27th, and contest closes at shop closing time 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 4th. Winner will be announced by blog on Sunday, October 5th. Good luck!

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September 26, 2014 — wonderpens


Tim Draude

Tim Draude said:

Congratulations! Keep up the great work!


CP said:



Mary-Cate said:

Lovely news…congratulations!


Angie said:

Congratulations on the new addition!

Kate W

Kate W said:

Congrats on out new addition to the family and welcome back to the shop!

Paul Y

Paul Y said:

Lamy ABC Blue…Sailor Four Seasons – Souten …blue. A boy? Congratulations to the new mama and papa!

Jessica W (@jwrekso)

Jessica W (@jwrekso) said:

Congratulations on the addition to the family! =D

C. Botez

C. Botez said:

Welcome back and congratulations for the little one!


Kathleen said:

Thanks so much for the giveaway! And welcome to the world, Lil’ Baby Wonderpens! ♡

Daniel S

Daniel S said:

So happy you guys decided to set up shop here – really loving the store! Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!


pdotchau said:

Very glad I discovered your shop/blog! would love to enter the contest!


Erin said:

Congratulations and please oh please oh please pick me ;)


EleniM said:

Please enter me in your giveaway and congrats on your new addition.

a med

a med said:

Congratulations and welcome back.


Andrew said:

Congratulations! And I hope the store isn’t too busy now that you have just reopened.


TrevorF said:

Congrats on your latest addition. Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!


Ann said:

Congratulations and welcome back! I would love to be entered in your giveaway :)

Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin said:

Congratulations on the new arrival! How sweet that the dog has a new “sibling”. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!


Kyu said:

My kid would love a fountain pen!


Lilith said:

Congrats! +1 Baby!

Soren Hedberg

Soren Hedberg said:

Congrats on the new addition to the family! And thanks for the contest!


Michelle said:

Congrats on latest addition to your family . Pls enter me


billiondollarprincesss said:

Great giveaway!

Benoit Hamelin

Benoit Hamelin said:

Congratulations on the new baby! And please enlist me in the giveaway. :-)


Janet said:

So excited for the new Sailor Four Seasons.


NP said:



LisaC said:

Congratulations and welcome back!


Lindsay said:

Congratulations! Best wishes to the new parents, and a big welcome to their little one!


Keiji said:

Congratulations Liz and John!!!
I am so happy for you guys!



lindenlaserna said:

You guys are troopers! Good job and can’t wait to see the baby bean! :)

Nathanael Scheffler

Nathanael Scheffler said:

I wish I could come and visit you guys in store, but unfortunately I’m a little bit far from Toronto. Congratulations, and glad you guys are back! Still loving the Kaweco AL Sport and the Sargasso Sea ink.

J. Chau

J. Chau said:

Congrats and thank you for the giveaway. :)

Elaine Chak

Elaine Chak said:

Congratulations again on your new arrival! Would love to drop by the store to say hello in person and to meet your little one, but my own decided to make an early appearance and came just last night! Here’s to some sleepless nights!


caroline said:

I’d love a chance to try!!! Finally a giveaway that ships to Canada! :)


Elliot said:

Congratulations, and what a brisk pace getting back into it! Best wishes!

Bailey Mah

Bailey Mah said:

Congratulations on your new addition to the family!

Daniel Iggers

Daniel Iggers said:

It is a pleasure to visit your shop. You have great products in a very nice setting.


Kevinzhang said:

Glad you guys are back! Keep up the good work :)

Jeffery Hunter

Jeffery Hunter said:

Congrats on the new addition!

Ps Good looking pen


LL said:

What a cutie the new little bean is! And back to the shop in one week?!?? You guys are already parent superheroes!:)


Derek said:

Congratulations Liz and Jon!

Ben Stolz (@BenStolz)

Ben Stolz (@BenStolz) said:

All the best on the new little one. I have two myself, and certainly appreciate you being back so soon! I’ll be at the shop next weekend (from Saskatoon, coming to your neck of the woods to see some friends). I’ll see you then (I can’t wait).


Myron said:

Congrats! I’m assuming the blue themed giveaway answers one baby mystery question.


janeukjaneuk said:

congratulations on the new baby!


Angel said:

Congrats on the little bean sprout (:
I also commend you on your dedication to the business, you guys deserve the best.


John said:

Congratulations, always an exciting time!

Graciela Dancose

Graciela Dancose said:

I was at the store last Friday, but missed the baby. Congratulations on the new arrival!


Stella said:

Congratulations! Youngest fountain pen user!

Roger Singh

Roger Singh said:

Congratulations, must be very excited!

Vincent Wu

Vincent Wu said:

Congratulations on the newborn child!

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