The Traveler’s Notebook 2020 items are here, and are already flying off the shelves. In fact, many items went straight out of the boxes into smaller boxes for Canada Post or onto our holds shelf for people picking them up in store. It’s a crazy thing when I think back to our first days carrying Traveler’s Notebook and our teeny tiny display and its journey over the years.

Like last year, I’m going to go with the vertical weekly. I’ve got the last details of my 2020 analogue system ironed out and I’m hoping to publish a blog post on it soon, and have decided the goal to be to find an appropriate use for all the stickers in the calendar year they’re released for.

Here are the stickers that come inside the 2020 Sticker Set. There are some decorative stickers, but also, the most popular stickers, the monthly tabs. You can see below how you can fold the tab stickers over so you can easily access each month.

In additional to the special edition writing boards or underlays that come out each year, Traveler’s Company also released a regular sized and passport sized clear folder.

To celebrate all of this, we are having another Traveler’s Notebook Meet-Up on Saturday, November 23rd, from 2-4 pm. Following our usual introduction and sharing time, we’ll have some time to journal, catch-up, plan, write and chat. We’ll have some treats to eat and treats to browse and sample and use. The latest edition of the Traveler’s Times is here, and we’ll have copies for all. (Especially if you RSVP at, but we do have plenty of copies.) At this meet-up, while supplies last, we have some special supplies from our trip to Japan this summer also.

And! We’ve got more extremely exciting special edition Traveler’s Notebook items coming soon—soon being my usual vague timeline of items that are ordered but have not yet been shipped. I am keeping my fingers crossed they will arrive before the meet-up so we can all ooh and ahh over it together.


In other news, I can hardly believe it’s November (or that it’s been so for almost a week). We are hunting for gloves and I’m playing roulette every other day with the sunshine to try and take photos with all this grey weather. One of the very thin silver linings of having spent hundreds of dollars on winter boots Caleb never wore for various sizing reasons is that now we have abundant selection for Naomi.

The blustering cold wind is blowing my white sheets outside on the laundry line, and I’m reminded of Dolores Claiborne. I shall soon have to make some tea and send Jon out to retrieve the sheets.


Currently reading: The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai
Currently eating: yogurt
Currently listening to: faint shrieks and giggles of Naomi downstairs in the studio shop with Amber
Currently writing with: my new Lamy LX Marron, inked up with Sailor Sky High by Caleb
Currently dreaming of: holing up in a hotel room for a week to catch up on all the blogging on my list

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