Taking a hiatus from your "real job" and starting your own business can be a bit of a risky thing. However, people wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for a few perks of being your own boss. Pro: You get to try all the new inks and pens and toys out first. Con: None.
Fountain Pens from Pilot, Platinum, Jinhao, Palomino, Serwex for testing at Wonder Pens in Toronto
Pro: When you and your business partner/husband disagree, you usually win. Con: When you're wrong, your husband doesn't say anything because he's a nice guy... but you know he's thinking "I told you so."
Recycling Packaging Peanuts for Shipping
Pro: You can take your lunch break whenever you feel like it. Con: You can only feel like it when there's no one in the shop/no new shipments to unpack and count/no restocking needs/nothing to do. Pro: You can keep candy and treats in secret places. Con: When the only other person who works in the store eats them first, it's pretty disappointing.
Balancing Boxes in the Back Storage Room
Pro: You have a back room full of inky things and notebooks and pen things. Con: It's almost impossible to find what you need in under 10 minutes because things are balanced precariously on top of each other. Also kind of dangerous. Pro: You get to choose the playlist. Con: Listening to the same playlists over and over can drive you crazy.

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November 14, 2013 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

Sent you an e-mail!


Laike said:

That looks unpleasantly dangerous. I’ve been nailed in the head by falling boxes before, it hurts. A lot. Hopefully nothing too heavy is in there!


Anonymous said:

The front displays are usually very organized and spaced out, but the back is a whole other story! :)


Anonymous said:

It’s mostly light stuff since it’s kind of precarious getting up there in first place – no accidents yet :)

Harry Devlin

Harry Devlin said:

Liz, do you have a “broad” nib for my small TWSBI pen? Surprisingly I really like the broad nib you put on my larger TWSBI last week. Please let me know.

Thanks Liz,


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Koshka said:

I know all about the ‘precarious balancing’ system of organization :)

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