At long last, we've updated our About Us section on the website! It's been long over-due to get some real photos up, and also a bit about each of us. Sarah has been with us since last fall, and now we have Micah and Bogdan as well. You may have seen all three of them in the shop, or had your orders packed by them. It's nuts to think that from once when it was just me in the shop, we're now at the stage where we really couldn't handle all of the shop operations just on our own anymore. Also, it's nice to see a bit about them because so often on the blog or on Instagram, it's just me you hear from.
Even Super made it into the photo, with the bribe of a rawhide - you can see his ears perked waiting for his release. It's hard to believe how much has changed since we first wrote that first description and it was the two of us and the dog. Actually this month will mark our third year in business. We're not really super prone to celebrating these kinds of things, but it's a bit of a surreal milestone. Maybe we'll drive past the old shop and wave at it from our car window! Or we'll go out for a fancy dinner! Or, more likely, we'll order in some take-out after the baby's in bed, turn up some music and count some inventory in the back.


Some of you may have noticed that I skipped our usual weekly newsletter, Wonder Pens at Home this past Saturday - it was because we sent out our big monthly one this past Monday. You can find our monthly newsletter here if you're not signed up for it in your e-mail. The real difference between the two is that the monthly one is kind of our "official" one where you get all the big news, whereas our weekly one just sums up the week and is mostly me rambling.

The other day, Caleb pulled all of the floss out of the container, so at night, we've been untangling and pulling floss out of this giant pile. My dentist would be proud at our commitment to oral health. Despite all my declarations of spring, we've had a recent heaping of snow, and I had to begrudgingly dig the winter hats out of the box I'd already taped up and relegated to the top of the closet. I'm pretty sure this really will be the last of it, though. This time, for real. We're working on some other small and also fairly sizeable projects for the website, and depending on how things go, we should be seeing some changes online over the next couple of months. Some of them are just updating pages and formatting, but our first big one is working on scanning and updating the swabs for the inks. Updates to the website! Our monthly Letter Writing Club is this Sunday! Lots to come :)

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April 05, 2016 — wonderpens



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