We are getting the store ready! It's at 906 Dundas Street West in Toronto. We still have a ton to do with the renovations, getting signs, ordering stock, furniture, getting our software ready and all of the little things that need to get done. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a July 2nd opening, but we'll keep you updated as we progress. See you soon!

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June 09, 2013 — wonderpens


Bob M

Bob M said:

Congratulations on your new store. I so wish we had a company of your caliber setting up in Florida.


Anonymous said:

We’re excited, too! Thanks for your vote of confidence – I hope we can live up to it!


Anonymous said:

We now have our blotting paper in!


Anonymous said:

Thanks! We love fountain pens, too :)

We will have blotting paper on our next order from J. Herbin, and we’ll try to get it in for the store opening!

Gary Drainville

Gary Drainville said:

Good luck and I look forward to visiting your store if I ever happen to be in Toronto! However, until then I will continue to order from you online.


Anonymous said:

Thanks so much! We really appreciate your support – and hope you might make it to Toronto to say hello!

John Truong

John Truong said:

Congratulations! I love fountain pens and I’m always happy to see a business grow. Any chance you might carry blotting papers in your new store?

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