We made it! I wasn't sure if we would. It's been a while since I've updated the blog, and I'm working on getting back into the swing of things now.

Our first week with the shop up and running was a whirlwind as we were scrambling with the last of the work with the contractors and tradespeople, and re-organize where the inks were going to go and where the paper was going to go. We've even been spending time researching technologies like a retail pos system to help bring our little shop into the modern age and provide our customers with a more streamlined experience when it comes to paying for their items. It will speed up the process and stop a long queue from blocking the shop's walkways. Our opening day, last Saturday, was wonderful. We had thought about getting set up with maybe some loot bags or a raffle, but there wasn't enough time to get all that together as we were unpacking. It was heartwarming to see supporters coming by, but also a lot of people from around the neighbourhood, curious about this new shop. I'd forgotten that, being so used to being hidden away down a laneway, people peeking into the window with hands over their eyes to block the light. Things are getting back to normal, and it's been nice to get settled back into things. New morning routines, figuring out where shelves go, new spaces for lunches and breaks. New delivery people and new coffee shop people and new post office people.* While online orders have been back to normal for a while, things getting packed up and Canada Post making its daily visits, I'm a bit backed up on announcing and sharing all the new things that have been coming in - the new Sailor Stormy Sea 1911s, new Kobe inks, the much anticipated arrival of the Blue Midoris. Along with the new things, we've been hustling to organize and re-stock everything: after our big moving sale, it was lovely to not have to pack so much for the move, but a bit shocking to see how little inventory we had to open the new shop up with. Boxes have already started to arrive (and our neighbours are already getting to know us as they drop off packages delivered erroneously to their doorsteps) with new and familiar things. Stay tuned for more blog posts and newsletters and all the details on the fresh supplies on our shelves. In many ways, I can't wait to fill in all of the gaps and holes on our shelves again. There's still lots to do, little and not so little things to be done - the list is long and oppressive, so I'm mostly focusing on the spring weather and a babbly baby. While the next few months are also ones of rumbling change as we forge on with the renovations at the studio shop, I'm only just remembering now how much I love Trinity Bellwoods Park and I've got big plans. A nice stack of correspondence to get to, a long list of books to read, and all the Vitamin D I can get.    

Currently reading: Donna Tartt's The Secret History

Currently writing with: Lamy Safari All Black, with Sailor Epinard; Franklin-Christoph M20, with Sailor Kobe Hirano Gion Romance Grey; Pelikan M400, with Sailor Jentle Blue Black; Palomino Pearl; Faber-Castell 9000 2B

Currently owing in library fines: $2.10

Currently dreaming of: Indian take-out - possibly at Trinity Bellwoods Park??

Currently drinking: Lemon ginger tea, with honey

Latest heard from the mouths of babes: Caleb: "Mama, look at what we're having for dinner! Food!"

*Also, some of the same people as from when we were at 906 Dundas West! What an unexpected delight. I'm trying not to take offense that our really nice Canpar guy didn't seem to recognize me.

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May 14, 2018 — wonderpens


Jane Petterson

Jane Petterson said:

Such a joy to read your words. You deserve every success. Wish I lived so much closer so that I could enjoy this new adventure!

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