We did a raffle at our table at Scriptus for six Pilot Metropolitans, one in each of the Retro Pop colours, and we're announcing the winner here today: The winner is Mariam R.!
Pilot Metropolitans Retro Pop Canada Toronto
Congratulations, Miriam! Could you send us an email from the email you submitted in our raffle box, and we can get going. You have one week (until end of day Thursday, November 10th 2016) before we move onto someone else.


And in other news, tomorrow is Fountain Pen Day, just a day to celebrate your favourite fountain pens and all the notes and letter writing and journaling and doodling they've given us.   We're going to be celebrating with a few specials tomorrow, so you can either visit the blog again or come say hello to us in the shop. Maybe we'll have some special treats! Maybe. I guess you'll have to come to find out ;) We'll also be sending out our regular Friday newsletter in the morning with all the news (you can subscribe here) - unlike last year where we just had Fountain Pen Day special discounts in store, we're going to have some specials available online. We're not going to be doing a contest for FPD, but we will be having one soon on Instagram. Stay tuned! Fountain Pen Day Canada

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November 03, 2016 — wonderpens

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