It’s been a long time coming! And if you are subscribed to our email newsletter, you may have already heard, but we are now opening on Sundays from 11 - 6.

When we first opened our shop at 906 Dundas West, we were open 7 days a week. Does anyone remember those days? It was just me Monday to Friday, taping up online orders at our very cramped front check out desk, and Jon as a ringer on the weekend. Those were the days of hustle, for sure. Hustle--is that the right way to put it? It was crazy, in any case.

After the babies, and moving to the east end, and our online operations picking up a bit, we moved to being open Tuesday to Saturday, which would give us a bit of a break, and allow us to reset a bit every week, catching up on online orders, or counting inventory, especially with errands and tasks that require us to be out of the shop like appointments or picking up things.

Now, six years after we first opened our doors, we're finally at a stage where we're opening again on Sundays. A big step for us for sure, and one we're excited to take.

Our new Main Shop hours are:

Tuesday to Wednesday 11 - 6
Thursday to Friday 11 - 7
Saturday to Sunday 11 - 6
closed Monday

The Studio Shop hours remain Tuesday to Saturday 11 - 6.

Please come by and say hello!


In other news, it's been a while since I've posted an update on the blog! It's been a bit hectic here, as this season always seems to be. It's back to school, it's getting the shops ready for the holidays, it's new Sunday hours.

And so shop life has returned in all of its glory, and I'm basking it all in, browsing through new catalogues with post-it notes and highlighter pens, manning the studio shop solo on Sunday--we opened because of the Cabbagetown Festival that took place Saturday and Sunday.

I often lament nostalgically about what it would be like to re-live my 906 Dundas West days: alone in a quiet shop, tapping away at the blog, dusting some shelves, counting some inventory, conversations with neighbourhood regulars, locking up for a few minutes to pick up a coffee down the street. Sunday wasn't quite like that: two kids getting underfoot, more new faces that usual because of the festival, which was fabulous but kept me on my toes. That's all to say that with back to school, with all that comes with September, it's been busy.

In any case, I've been back from Hong Kong for two weeks now, and I'm looking forward to school routines and weekend routines settling in, and spending more time finally uploading some photos and sharing more on the blog. Stay tuned.

As we dipped into some chillier temperatures this morning and can feel fall ahead--although it seems like we might warm up again soon--I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Already dreaming of hot tea and hot apple cider, congee and noodle soup, and enjoying the slightly calmer rushes that come with the seasons of a shop before the craziness of December.

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September 09, 2019 — wonderpens

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