We have some great news! Work is rolling along, lurching and stumbling, and we finally have some more dates to share. Jon just visited the new shop this morning, and he says the bathroom is almost finished, tub and fixtures are in, and they're tiling it up!  We will be officially closing the old 906 Dundas West shop on Saturday, May 9th, at 6:00 pm. Come and see us, we may have some surprises in store! More on that to come. We will be trying our best to open up the new shop on Saturday, May 16th. We may have a bit of a grand re-opening event for you to all come and see the place, although I'm sure we'll still have work to do. I'm trying to convince Jon we need to hang balloons outside our door, but he says that's for 8-year-old birthday parties. We will definitely have some treats and surprises and prizes for the opening of the new space, so mark May 16th in your calendar! In fountain pen! (Just kidding, you should probably still use pencil as you never know what might happen...)
Pipes! The beginning of a kitchen!
The beginnings of cleaning up! Excellent work, contractors!
New doors! Although these will be for the packing area unit, rather than the doors to the shop. Plus some scary looking insulation! Blue Midoris coming soon! New shop! Baby throwing oatmeal everywhere! How exciting!!

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April 28, 2015 — wonderpens

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