It has been a long, long winter, and as many of you know, it has also meant we've had a hard time getting new inks in. With the cold weather comes the risk of ink freezing in glass bottles, and breaking plastic caps or cracking the glass. However, the dog is getting frisky and the days longer - the end is near!
I had hoped by now the weather would've been warm enough, but it looks like it might just be another week or two before new inks arrive. Our focus will be mainly on restocking inks now that are out of stock, and then working on bringing in any new requested colours. We will be ordering inks in smaller groups as the weather starts to warm up to minimize risk as the weather is still not great - so while you may see some colours back in stock, so please bear with us if you are looking for one in particular! We are confident by the end of April to have all colours back in stock.  This is barring any stock issues when ordering, and with the exception of Diamine, which needs to ship to the distributor first after the weather warms again. Other inks we will be ordering straight from the manufacturer. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you'd like to know just when the inks come in. And while you're waiting, you can do a short rain/sun/warm weather dance for us.

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March 18, 2014 — wonderpens


Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens said:

Haha- we’re doing the same thing! :)


Laike said:

Best news I’ve heard all week!

Elizabeth Porter

Elizabeth Porter said:

Still, birthday-pen-for-me is calling, so I might just have to split up my order….

Elizabeth Porter

Elizabeth Porter said:

I have to admit that I’m doing the waiting for the end of flash freeze season so I can order ink…

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