In my new position as a homeschooling teacher, I’m now discovering that my child is a student who loses pencils.

I had been previously been under the impression that Caleb was a responsible student, and yet I have discovered in the throngs of chaos, he is one who takes advantage of a distracted mama by disappearing off into the dark corners of the shop to build forts or tear around in his car. And thus, as a former teacher, I find myself in the once familiar position of having several pencils sharpened at once in curb the infamous pencil-less excuses, and the ensuing circuitous hunt for a new one.

When people ask if and/or how I am homeschool Caleb, I generally give a very vague assent, allowing for the broadest of definitions. We have a list of things to get done in a day, and usually get to a few of them, some days more than others. Reading together, reading practice, math worksheets, making booklets.

The rest of the time, he is making toys out of leftover shipping materials and terrorizing his sister and leaving cookie crumbs everywhere.

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April 01, 2020 — wonderpens


Ron B

Ron B said:

Let me know when they’re back in stock !

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