It's that time of year! Holiday eggnog and holiday music and of course, holiday shopping. For those of you not in town, or swamped with work or other holiday errands, our online shop is open 24/7 and we're ready. As always, we have our flat $8 shipping, or free over $125. Here are our suggested timelines for getting things before Christmas. These suggestions come with a big caveat that there is always a risk of delays, packages or parcels "falling off the back of a Canada Post truck," mis-scans, mis-shipments, errors, packages damaged in transit or other surprise events - but we have good confidence that if you place your orders by these dates to be shipped to their destinations, things will arrive in time for December 25th. Toronto + GTA: Monday, December 19th Ontario + Quebec: Sunday, December 18th Manitoba + Saskatchewan: Wednesday, December 14th Alberta + BC : Monday, December 12 Maritime + Eastern provinces : Monday December 12 Northern Territories + Provinces: Thursday, December 8th These timelines are all based on our Expedited shipping option, and keeping in mind that we need a few days to process, pack and ship out your order. During this rush season, we are working hard and extra hours to make sure everything arrives in time for Santa, but we appreciate all of the extra help we can get. After all this is affecting shipping companies in New York all the way up here to Canada. Canada Post is also starting up weekend delivery to help out with this crazy holiday season, and because we're open seven days a week, we will also be processing and packing orders through our door hopefully a bit quicker (when we're closed on Mondays, orders don't get picked up until Tuesday). We do have a lot of faith in Canada Post, as we ship basically all of our online orders through them, but around this holiday season when parcel volume increases dramatically, and when gifts often need to arrive before a special morning, it's always best to order as early as possible. Don't forget that if you're worried about any of this, or if it's an extra special gift, we offer an Xpresspost shipping option - it's an option in the drop down menu. file_000-12 In case you missed it, we also announced our brick + mortar shop extended holiday hours. You can see more details here. The beginning of December is already flying by - I've got a few holiday posts planned to get into the festive spirit, and I can't wait to get them all out. Apple cider, Christmas trees, holiday cards, red and green inks! I personally feel a sense of accomplishment at already have started my Christmas shopping, including the gift for my pick for the staff Secret Santa. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that it's going to be a hit, although it's a sort of lime green colour, so it's a bit up in the air right now. We just need a bit of snow! (But not too much...)

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December 04, 2016 — wonderpens
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S. said:

Caleb is like my Rufus: always trying to help. So sweet!

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