We’ve got a lot to be thankful for!

I suppose I should end it there before I really go off the deep end, this endless rollercoaster that seems to have gone on for an eternity. Time drips and then it’s torrential.

But we are grateful. For our team who are keeping this ship afloat, for healthy kids who can run around in the backyard, for a community of people who are cheering us on and passing our names onto friends and colleagues, for teachers who smile brightly as they drop dollops of sanitizer onto kids’ hands, for a fridge full of food, for books and toys and pens, and even for a crusty cat who mostly only meows when he’s disgruntled. For all the grey hair and the excitement of this adventure.

We are spending this weekend reading library books, making a mess of LEGO in the living room, catching up on laundry. Caleb wrote and illustrated and stapled together this little book about him and Naomi, and it was so magical and lovely that it was in fact successful in momentarily distracting me from their usual chaos and fighting and I happily floated around in my dreams of being a successful mother for a few minutes.

In celebration of a day off, we’ve made a $500 donation to Anishnawbe Health Foundation, which happens to be located down the street from us at the Studio Shop. It’s an Indigenous-led organization that works to support and protect the health of Indigenous people as well as reclaim and protect tradition healing practices.


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October 12, 2020 — wonderpens



Sadie said:

Happy to hear y’all made a donation to Anishnawbe folks in your area! Thank you for sharing that.


wonderpens said:



Ethan said:

I am thankful for your shop :)

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