Our guard dog, reliably on alert.

What a week!

I mean, basically the same as all the others, but we forge on. We had our first curbside pickup day yesterday and I'm looking forward to more.

We've had lots in. Canpar, FedEx, Purolator, UPS, Canada Post. Boxes and boxes of restocks, inks, Leuchtturm notebooks, pens, but also lots of new things, which is always very exciting. I stayed home yesterday with the kids because Caleb has his virtual music lessons on Wednesdays and I came back today to beautiful, overwhelming piles of lovely things waiting to be photographed. Washi tapes, pens, paper, pencils, cups.

Some of these shipments have been wending their way to us for a while, shipping and production times completely unpredictable these days, and some things, like the new Traveler's Factory Green items I've been eagerly awaiting for months.

I spent most of the day in front of the big shop windows, tearing open plastic packages, admiring knurled grips, making writing samples. Over the next couple of days we're going to be adding lots of new things to the website. Stay tuned.

On that front, not that I normally do anything at all with the website (thank goodness), but I've suffered another technology setback and Jon had to bring my iPad to a tech repair place. Today's blog post is from the last dregs of the day's energy before we ramp up for dinner, bath time and bedtime. I'm on borrowed tech right now and it's not the same. (It's actually my own tech that I normally only use for uploading photos but something weird is going on with the drive and I can only see a portion of photos and the ones I can see are huge so you can't view them properly and I'm really someone who need all pistons firing or else a lot of support.)

Jon has been making these "observations" about how all the times he's had to make visits to drop off technology at a repair shop has been for me, and now he's had to do it in a pandemic and the guy there was wearing a hazmat suit.

These are wild times, but at least you can count on some things staying the same.

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May 14, 2020 — wonderpens

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