There is some construction on Bathurst intersecting with Dundas West, which is our major intersection to the East. If you are driving, I would suggest coming to us from the north on College, and there is some good residential street parking around the neighbourhood. There is also the Green P, which you can approach from Manning if you're coming along College. The construction is not actually at our doorstop, it will just block you if you're driving west along Dundas. If you drive west on College or Queen, you should have no problem.
Bathurst:Dundas Construction Notice
TTC Service Changes November 2014
If you're taking the TTC from the city center: 1. Still take the Dundas 505 (but will divert north to College to get around construction) 2. Get off at Clinton Street 3. Walk south to see us! Remember we're at 906 so if you are lost, follow the street numbers (they increase going west), or give us a call at 647 461 2426. Hope to see you soon! :)

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