Caleb continues his adventures around town on his little bicycles, and I continue to follow along. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA At the front of our building is a "regular" elevator, but throughout the rest of the building are these old industrial freight elevators, with gated doors that you have to manually pull down or pull up to close before you can press and hold a button to move the elevator. Fun fact: inside our packing area are the up + down buttons to operate a freight elevator that is located outside our unit. The buttons and the elevator doors are separated by a wall, and so people who want to use the elevator have to use the buttons inside the elevator itself. Crazy stuff. It was a bit scary going in the first few times, especially since the elevators shudder a bit as they start up and come to a stop, and even more so because you actually have to line up the floor of the elevator to the floors yourself. Inside the elevator feels a bit like we're going underground. I've had many, many images of Caleb and I stranded inside like an episode of Criminal Minds. Or Indiana Jones, where someone discovers fossilized skeleton bones. And yet, we adventure on. A million years ago, I shared a few pictures from Caleb wandering in the hall - he seemed like such a little guy, just trucking through the halls and peeking into doors and around corners. I can hardly remember him so small and balding and stout. These days he's grown into such a little boy, I can hardly believe it. Maybe it's this fall weather and the extra sweaters and the excitement that comes with this season, but it seems like every time I blink he's become a new creature. I sometimes wish I could stop time and keep him tight, but everything about this wild and growing and curious boy is a miracle that I'm just here to watch.

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September 29, 2016 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

That’s great to hear! Actually Caleb has already grown a bit too long for his trike, and I think even within the next six months it might turn from a trike into a balance bike. Ahh!!


Alvin said:

For our son (now 4-3/4 yo), a balance bike worked great when he was 3-1/2 to 4; within a few weeks, Uncle Jeff put him on a normal bike sans training wheels and away he went!!!

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