In the late spring, and even up to now, we've seemed to have had a lot of cool and rainy days. We've been wandering through the halls again, sometimes on foot, sometimes on wheels - despite all my concerns about the lack of normal-house-ness for Caleb, I suppose in some ways we're pretty lucky that this place is filled with exciting elevator adventures, new and interesting people, construction, workshops, motorcycles parked in the halls, loose dogs, dumpsters, bicycle repair shops, gym rats exercising. These photos are actually from sometime in May, I think when we had the freak snow come down, but I couldn't resist sharing them, mainly because I'm trying to hold onto what few dredges of toddlerhood I have left of Caleb's youth. While not quite here yet, the day is rapidly approaching when the wonder of a Vespa followed by a snack break in the hall grows old.
Everyone's favourite local cafe/lunch spot, where occasionally Caleb and I are sent to pick up lunch. You can tell we're both really critical to the general operations of the whole show. Shirley's is in the building, beside Dwell Gym, and Jon is really into their Taco Thursday, which I think also sometimes falls on a Taco Tuesday, and also sometimes on a Taco Wednesday, depending on the wind. I personally like their pirogis, which they don't have often enough to be their own day of the week.

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July 05, 2017 — wonderpens



Nadine said:

I love your photos of Life.
If you moved to a “normal house” tomorrow, i believe that one of you would find it a bit on the boring side and possibly lonely. I’m much older than Caleb and i still stop to admire Vespas.


Anonymous said:

How strange it is that he can mix up all of the numbers after four, and yet be particular about the differences between Vespas and motorcycles! :)

I wonder! There are so many opportunities that I’m so glad Caleb has had as a result of his unusual childhood, but I wonder about if he is missing out on something a bit more normal. I tell myself that people, and maybe children especially, need a bit of weird in them, and I can only hope Caleb will feel the same way when he grows up.

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