I absolutely loved reading the comments from this giveaway - fall really is such a nostalgic time, but also kind of a rejuvenating time, which is a bit interesting considering spring is usually what we'd consider the "fresh start" of the seasons. So many of you shared some new adventures or challenges or changes ahead in the fall, and I hope you all really enjoy the journey, whether you're starting a new school year or moving somewhere or just settling down after a hot and hazy summer. If you have the time, read through some of the comments to see where everyone else is in their life! It's a bit encouraging and inspiring to see all the fresh spirits people have for the fall. And some of them also gave me a good laugh. My favourite has to be VA, who said "You guys are awesome..." HAHA. If only everyone in the world felt that way ;) As always, you're all winners in my heart, but we can only have one winner of the giveaway, who is...: NatalieP-J! Back to school giveaway winner Please contact us! And also, I love what you said about how moving to your new apartment is as good a time as any to start a journal! I completely agree that sometimes just a change in your life is a good reason to try something new :) For the rest of you, I hope you won't take the loss too much to heart. We have more to come ahead! And also, I thought I would mention some information about our social media! I was talking to one of the very helpful Wordpress people, who host this blog, and he mentioned that I already have an e-mail subscription for this blog - you can sign up at the bottom of the screen where it says +follow, and you'll never miss another scintillating update on what's going on here in the shop. It will go directly to your e-mail, and I generally blog around 3-4 times a week, so you should prepare yourself if you're going to sign up! I signed up Jon, since he doesn't always seem to be aware of when I've blogged. Also, I've begun to really enjoy having a Twitter account, so you should join me there if you have an account + the time. In case you didn't know, I mostly handle the blog, Instagram & Twitter, and Jon handles Facebook and Pinterest, which is why you generally get pretty fast responses on Facebook, and you get...me on Twitter. While I don't want to be the type of person that lives with my phone in my hand all the time, which is a bit tougher these days since Jon and I are still sharing a phone, I also know I really should be checking Twitter a lot more often than I have been in the past. Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming and a lot of man-hours to keep up with all different fronts of social media as a small two person operation, but these days, I'm really enjoying having those 40-character conversations with people. The Twitter world is really full of clever people. Sometimes too clever for their own good, but they're still funny.

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August 20, 2015 — wonderpens
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