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Jon, Caleb and me in the shop. I tried to convince Jon to hold Chicken, but Chicken was a bit unruly. Long overdue, we have some updated photos and descriptions of us and our team up on the website - you can scroll down to the bottom of our page and click on the About Us as well. It's taken us so long to get going on this because it sometimes seemed like we always have more "urgent" things to take care of for the website - necessary updates, new products to add, added security features - but our team is really the heart and soul of everything we do here, and it's been an oversight on my part to let it go without an update for so long. Years ago now when things started getting a bit out of hand for just the two of us, we first hesitated in hiring staff, both because so many of our processes were so specific and personalized (obviously something that could not go on long-term, hah!) but also because we were so uncertain about the future of our baby business and whether or not we could commit to everything hiring a staff member means. Here we are now, though, beyond all of our wildest dreams, and I truly couldn't imagine our shop without these incredible faces walking through our doors in the morning.
Each one of these faces is so very special to me, in every sense of the word. I do admit that I particularly love that we're at various stages of very serious, unsure of participating in this new sticker face adventure, excited, intense, and about to smile; it reflects our scrappy sort of team. I especially like how Chicken's head ended up larger than everyone else's, and his random placement in the corner of this card sort of looks like he's the captain of our ship, leading us off into the horizon. Also how both Chicken and Super have a slightly urgent look on their faces. It's been crazy to think that we took our last team photo last spring, and how big we are now by comparison, I guess both the team, but also Caleb as a tiny human, slightly less tiny. I remember thinking at the time how crazy it was that we were even taking a picture like this - we all sort of had to arrange ourselves and get Super in the picture.
I'm prone to nostalgia (it's a problem), but I still remember each of their interviews and thinking 'this is the one who will complete our family.' Maybe not those exact words, but something close. Although Jon hired Derrick without me ever meeting him first, but Derrick has turned out very well, and in particular he does some things that I used to dread doing, so probably better than very well. It's a sign of how much of a family we are when Caleb brings up these names at our dinner table, or draws their "faces" in his artistic renderings of orange swirls, or suggests that it will be one of these guys or another who will be taking the bus to visit him at the cottage. These were really some of the first names he learned, the first birthday cakes he's shared, the first times he was reprimanded by someone other than me or Jon, in many ways truly Caleb's first family.

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May 22, 2017 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

Wow, thanks so much for the kind words! And also for your support – we truly wouldn’t be here without folks like you, and we couldn’t appreciate it any more than we do. Our team is also really terrific (something we certainly can’t any credit for!) and I’m so glad that you are finding what you need here. Thanks again, and hope to bump into you in the shop soon :)

Rick Lockyer

Rick Lockyer said:

how did you get stickers made?! Awesome!


Anonymous said:

We ordered them from this website here: https://www.mystickerface.com/

Judi Magee

Judi Magee said:

Love your store! Love your blog! Love how personalized you have made Wonder Pens as not just a business but an integral part of your life with great respect for what you do and all of those “family” members who are taking this journey with you. Wishing you continued success and joy in all you do.


Anonymous said:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I don’t think we quite knew how it was going to turn out when we first started, but it’s certainly been the best sort of adventure. Wonder Pens has turned out to be a family business in every way!


Jessica said:

I absolutely love your store, love the personal touch that you put to everything, and you’ve hired a team of people that can’t hold back their enthusiasm! I keep bringing new people to visit the store and NO ONE has left without a pen. :)
Keep up the great work!

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