We recently got some new sealing wax supplies, and with this time of year, I've been sealing up everything - Christmas cards and Christmas presents and notes here and there. We now carry copper, silver and dark green sealing wax, so I thought I would share a few photos on how I'm using my sealing wax.
Copper Gold Silver Sealing Wax Toronto Canada
Here are the metallic colours: from top to bottom, copper, silver and gold, and the rose seal is with the copper wax.  
Green Sealing Wax J Herbin
The green is really pretty as well - I don't know what took us so long to bring this colour in. It's quite dark, but has a hint of character to it.  
I love lighter coloured sealing waxes on dark envelopes - I've always used ivory or gold, but we now carry silver as well. This time of year is perfect for wax seals on gifts - it's a bit festive, while still being elegant and thoughtful. It takes a bit of time, and sometimes practice.
Sealing Wax on gifts Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
Sealing Wax on gifts Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
Wax seals are lovely on presents, whether it's really elaborate packaging and a valuable gift, or something more simple and precious. Sometimes we see wax seals on luxury items or gifts, especially from very high-end retailers, but something very simple can be a really beautiful gift with just a bit of raffia or string, and a wax seal. And I think, maybe especially if it is a small gift, putting your effort and thought into how you present your gift is part of the magic of giving.
Sealing Wax ideas wonder pens Toronto Canada
Sealing Wax on gifts Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
Sealing Wax on gifts Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
We had some of the gold and silver stamp pads, but those have mostly sold right out - I'm hoping to do a little tutorial on them for the blog later, when we get more stock in. There will also be more stock of the different colours of wax seals, and also a few exciting things to come!


We're on the last leg of this holiday rush, and we're trucking along! There's hot apple cider around, and orders are still flying out the door. We're bringing packages down to the post office on Saturday and Sunday as well, as Canada Post is shipping orders through the weekend, but we don't get a pick-up from the shop.

We celebrated Danielle's birthday today, as well! It was a disaster, but there was chocolate cake at the end of it so I guess it all worked out for the best.

It was all planned out and we had the cake and the card and the gift, but the actual execution turned out to be a complete fiasco - Danielle headed out for lunch, and we planned to have everyone come in from the front of the shop for just a few seconds to surprise her as she entered the back of the shop, with the candles and the "happy birthday!"

Bogdan was with Danielle, and texted us that it would be three minutes before they arrived back at the shop. Before I knew it, Danielle burst through the door, with Micah holding a cake with all of the candles unlit, and everyone else standing around looking dazed (and surprised...). A few of us were still out front with customers, as it happened to be busy just at the moment that Danielle came back.

We lit all the candles and pulled everyone back for the picture, so at least it looks like a good surprise happened.

Danielle looks a bit like she's holding a cake that's on fire, because I firmly believe in cakes having as many candles as they can hold, as opposed to the number of years old a person is turning. It makes for a very warm cake, but it's very exciting to behold. 

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December 17, 2016 — wonderpens

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