Traveler's Factory Regular Size Refill - Kraft Pink


Traveler's Factory Regular Size Refill - Kraft Pink

TRAVELER'S FACTORY Original Refill (Regular size) features pink kraft paper that you can use in a variety of ways. Pick up your favorite writing instrument to quickly jot down your grocery list, or maybe utilize some colored pencils to draw a picture with a unique colored background. However, you choose to use this refill, the soft pink color and kraft paper feel will encourage you to take a moment and open your notebook to write down your thoughts.

Traveler's Factory item can only be sold and shipped to a Canadian address. Any orders outside of Canada with Traveler's Factory items in it will have the items removed and a refund issued. 

What is the TRAVELER'S COMPANY Partner Shop?

The owner is a user of TRAVELER'S notebooks and handles them with love. You may be able to meet local users and discover products and special experiences that can only be found there. If there were such TRAVELER'S COMPANY-authorized stores all over the world, traveling with TRAVELER'S notebook would be more fun. We want TRAVELER'S COMPANY Partner Shops to be a place where TRAVELER'S notebook users can gather and converge during their travels. The best part of traveling is encountering people from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Through interaction and conversations at these hubs, we can find common joys at TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops.