Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen - Blue Quasar


Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen - Blue Quasar

From darkness comes the greatest beauty of all. When a super massive black hole ingests enough volume of gas and dust, a quasar is formed which emits a light millions of times brighter than our sun! This phenomenon inspired the newest star in the Cosmic Series: Sailor Professional Gear “Blue Quasar.” Like the light bursting from the endlessness of space, light blue resin body and top finial glows against a deep, space blue cap with metashine that glimmering with the light of distant stars. The bottom finial ties it together with more shimmering space blue to match the cap, and all of it is set against elegant gold-plated accents and Sailor’s famous golden nibs.


•21k Gold Nib

Includes one proprietary Sailor converter for using with bottled ink, and two proprietary Sailor black ink cartridges.

L: 12.8cm capped; 11.5cm uncapped; 14.9cm posted
Weight: 22g