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Sailor 1911S Fountain Pen - Jellyfish - Sea Nettle


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Sailor 1911S Fountain Pen - Jellyfish - Sea Nettle

Jellyfish drift along ocean currents in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes. They are colorful and often bioluminescent, moving in gentle, fluid ways that we find peaceful and captivating. It’s this fascinating creature that inspired the Sailor 1911S ‘Jellyfish’ SE collection. This collection features 5 jewel-toned 1911S pens with metashine, a dust-fine shimmer within the resin barrel that catches the light. Each of the pens in the Sailor 1911S ‘Jellyfish’ SE collection features notoriously smooth Sailor nibs in 14K gold for a silky, seamless writing experience.

Comes with:

Gold Trim - 14k Gold nib

2 Cartridges and 1 converter.