Rohrer & Klingner Traditional Ink (100mL) - Blauviolett


Rohrer & Klingner Traditional Ink (100mL) - Blauviolett

This ink is meant for dip pens only. It should not be used in a fountain pen.

With roots in lithography stretching back to 1892, Rohrer & Klingner continues their time-honoured tradition of crafting inks that utilize traditional recipes and production methods.

Rohrer & Klingner Traditional Inks are great for use with dip pens and other traditional calligraphy utensils, and due to the inclusion of acrylic resin in the ink, dried ink is resistant to water and wiping/smearing. The traditional ink range boasts brilliant pigmented hues, and good flow for use on and with a variety of materials. 

According to R&K's tests for light-fastness and opacity, Blauviolett is rated "satisfactory light resistance" and "semi-transparent".