Edison Pen Co. Fountain Pen - Beaumont Moonbreaker


Edison Pen Co. Fountain Pen - Beaumont Moonbreaker

*Nib may be two-tone or gold-tone, dependent on our stock as Edison phases out their two-tone nib option*

The Edison Beaumont is a handmade resin pen with a small profile and an impressive #6 steel nib. With a metal ring around the cap and a classic styled clip, It fits comfortably in the hand, and the screw-top keeps the cap securely in place.

Comes with 1 standard international converter.
Dimensions: 5 inches (5.9 inches posted)
Weight: 16g

*Note - Each pen is handmade, so the material of your pen may reflect different tones, shades, or variations of colour not matching the picture exactly, while still being made from the same material.