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YSTUDIO Classic Revolve Portable Fountain Pen - Black


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YSTUDIO Classic Revolve Portable Fountain Pen - Black

A beautifully designed pen created by YSTUDIO based out of Taiwan. The Portable fountain pen has an industrial feel from the clean edges of its hexagonal body, to the brass body with a finish which will wear away beautifully. It has a snap cap that is quick to deploy, and a ring-top on the cap to attach to wherever you'd like. YSTUDIO packaging is equally exceptional - this pen comes in a wood box which includes 2 short lanyards (brown or black), and a cylinder carrying case made of Paulownia wood. The Schmidt nib is a smooth writer.

Included with the pen is 1 international standard converter (Schmidt).

Weight: 44g
Length: 14cm capped (12cm uncapped) - This pen cannot be posted

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