TWSBI Vac20A Inkwells


TWSBI Vac20 Inkwells

Compatible with the TWSBI Vac700, the TWSBI Vac700R, and the TWSBI Vac Mini

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Love the look online, but the post office lost my package.

Stephanie R.
Great for Travel!

I found that this TWSBI inkwell works wonderfully with the vacuum piston pens such as the Vac 700 and the Vac Mini's. I have a Vac 700R and I do not believe that its compatible with the newer version.

I enjoy the inkwell as a travel companion and its light, so a great addition without being so bulky.

Debora Lustgarten
Works like a well-established fact!

I caught one of these inkwells as soon as Jon and Liz got them and after reading their filling instruction blog, I tried mine. It is so easy and clean to fill my Vac-700, and a joy to see the pen reservoir full to the top with ink!
A great bonus is that you don't need to fill the inkwell to capacity and that if there is ink left, the screw lid(s) won't let it get dry too quickly. Geek bonus point: Felt like a space-nurse filling a syringe with weird-colored liquid!