Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen Ink (20mL) - Okuyama


Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen Ink - Okuyama


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I ordered the full bottle after having liked the sample I got and I must stress that the quality of the ink is perfect. Not too dry, not too wet, perfect. But I am disconcerted by the color; it starts exactly like what I wanted : the heather in the Highlands of Scotland, but the next time I filled my pen, it was a sort of dull pinkish brown, then after a few lines it veered towards burgundy. All this in a fine nib from my Pilot Prera. May be this is more appropriate in a large semi calligraphy nib ??

Helen Skibinski
Beautiful colour, awful bottle.

I've been using this ink in a Noodler's Konrad for the last few weeks and I really like the colour and the amount of shading I'm getting with the flex nib. The colour ranges from dark burgundy to an almost pink shade. It is a beautiful colour and I would definitely buy it again, however, the bottle is awful. By the time I got my pen filled, I was covered, my kitchen countertop was covered and it looked like a crime scene. As soon as I have an empty Noodler's bottle, this ink is going in it.

Tim Parris
Good shading, short bottle, grows on you

Initially, I had to fight to fill my Conklin Duragraph Stub pen. Eventually, I used a blunt syringe to fill the pen. The bottle is very short and I have yet to get the insert out of the bottle so that I can fill pens easily.

It would be easier if the bottle was taller.

But the bottle opening was good and I am certain that, when the insert gets removed, I will not have the problem.

The smell wasn't bad.

My first thought of the colour was, where is the sheen that people tell me about? It was not showing. I did not like the colour initially.

But the ink goes well on basic photocopy paper and frankly, the colour is growing on me. It writes smoothly and very little feathering. I prefer this ink to the mandated Red Ink and very few people have noticed.

The colour is more burgundy, with shading that approaches (occasionally) green, via red-brown.

This ink is a keeper, but hate the bottle.