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Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen Ink (20mL) - Miruai


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Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen Ink - Miruai


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A forest at dusk

That's the colour of this ink, if I had to describe it. It's a unique shade of green-black with some blue thrown in for good measure. Lots of black sheen that looks almost red in the right lighting. Well-lubricated, just takes a little while to dry.

Great Ink!

Gorgeous green-black in with the potential for a slight red sheen. Exactly what I was looking for!

Pat D
Serious but Unique

Loved the sample of this colour.

It's a lovely dark green that reminds me of a pine forest or seaweed snacks.

I like that it's dark enough to be a serious note-taking/office ink but also not a boring black by subtly hinting some green. That being said, it`s not a particularly flashy colour and it`s only mildly water resistant (enough pigment will stay to be read-able with a splash of water, but most of it runs).

I use a fine nibbed Kaküno, so there is little shading.


This is a black with hints of green in the ink. To me, this ink isn't stunning and it has some drawbacks. I have only used a sample of the ink and there may be some variances due to the sampling.

Also, I dislike the Sailor bottles, which really colour my views of their inks.

I sampled this ink in a Karas Kustom Copper pen with a Bock Fine Nib. Since I am used to Asian nibs, this nib feels like a Medium/Broad. I've used only one other sample through this pen and I recall that ink also seeming to be dry.

My impression is that the ink runs dry, but this may also be an issue with the pen. The ink initially ran Black-Green, but the green has faded (oxidization?) over the last two weeks. The ink stutters after writing for a while, then I prime the feed again. The ink has very little shading and I can spot no sheen

I would go with a Meh! for my impression of the ink. Could be nice, but this ink isn't for me.