Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Black with Rhodium Trim


Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Black with Rhodium Trim

A pen with a long history - fascinating pen lovers and admirers for years. The rare retractable nib which allows for quick and convenient access to all your writing needs. Pilot's 18k gold nib allow for a smooth writing experience.

Comes with 1 cartridge and 1 converter.

Dimensions: 5.5 inches
Weight: 30g

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very Cool!

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to try this unique pen. Impressed with the size and finish on the Vanishing Point and the clickability of it is very convenient. It's really like having a ballpoint - and yet it's a fountain pen! Like all my Pilots, it's a very smooth writer and glides across the page (I bought a Medium). That famous clip-at-the-nib IS definitely weird but it's not an issue for me as I use a 'traditional' grip. For the record, I'm a lefty and have no issues writing with this pen. It's a bit on the heavier side so I probably won't use it for long writing sessions and that click mechanism is perfect for quick notes anyway.


I decided to "treat" Myself to a Pilot Vanishing Point for My birthday and I thought "wow this is the prefect pen!" It is! the clicky mechanism is amazing and makes this pen by far my favorite pen in my collection. But there's one big problem. The nib. It writes fine yes it's a size F so its gonna be not as smooth as a M but what ruins it for me is the alignment of the nib to the feed. Upon close examination it seems one side of the little "arms" so to speak are shorter than the other side making the nib not line up with the feed thus limiting ink flow. I brought My pen in to the store and Brendan look at it and said "It's fine :)" And in my experience after getting back home it still wasn't. So now I have a pen that costs close to 250 bucks when tax is factored in just collecting dust until I can afford a new nib unit which costs 127 bucks btw and preferably one that has the nib and feed aligned.
Very disappointed and no I'm not blaming Wonder Pens. It's Pilots fault for not properly checking the pen during the QC process and sending one of their retailers a faulty pen... And no not even YouTube reviews bring this up.

Great for work

Uncapping and capping your pen 300 times a day gets tiresome very quickly. The click mechanism makes it so much easier to use this pen at work and it has a great nib that makes writing on cheap photocopy paper a breaze when combined with the right ink - I like the Noodler's Warden series. I also enjoy using it at home for correspondence and journalling. The grip is different and take a while to get used to but for me, it was easy enough. In all, a great pen that I am very happy to own.

Ben Bach
Great daily carry

Love this as a fountain pen "for the office" - the click mechanism makes it perfect for use in a meeting when you don't want to go through the pomp of removing and posting a fancy cap. Great pen !

Sujaan K.
Great for everyday

The perfect fountain pen for everyday use whether at school or work. Since it doesn't have a cap, it's very easy to *click*, use it, and then *click* again, all with one hand. I recommend trying it out in store before purchasing it though, since some people have complaints about where the clip is located. For me it wasn't a problem though. When refilling the pen, I'd also recommend that you take the nib unit out of the pen, and dip the nib unit into your favourite bottled ink and refill that way instead of dipping the whole pen in. It makes keeping the pen clean that much easier. Great buy!