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Pentel Orenz Nero Mechanical Pencil (Black) - 0.3mm


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Pentel Orenz Nero Mechanical Pencil - 0.3mm

The Pentel Orenz Nero is Pentel's flagship mechanical pencil.

It sports a matte black "resin-metal" body that provides the strength and cool to the touch feel of metal, but at a fraction of the weight. It also features an Auto Advancement mechanism unique to the Orenz series that advances the lead as you write; this means you only need to click the pusher once to advance the retractable lead sleeve and you can continuously write without needing to click for the rest of your writing or drawing session. The lead sleeve can retract into the body allowing you to safely carry it in a pocket, bag or pencil case without needing to worry about it pocking a hole through anything or getting bent. The lead sleeve completely covers the graphite as you write, allowing you to press fairly hard without needing to worry about the graphite snapping.

Compatible with 0.3mm lead.

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